Why Women Have More Cosmetic Surgery Than Men

There’s no getting around the fact that women have more cosmetic surgery procedures than men, but why exactly is this?


After all, there are plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures for men out there – and many men do take advantage of them – however some men are still not comfortable with undergoing them. Below we’ll see why men are still slightly reticent about cosmetic surgery, and debunk a few myths at the same time…

Male Embarrassment

Let’s face it: most men don’t choose to have cosmetic surgery because they are worried about what their mates will say and about the ribbing they will get when they are down the pub. Perhaps some men should think differently though: surely getting a bit of joke made at their expense is better than the constant jokes about their bald head (remedied using hair transplants) or their penis size! So, men should remember that the mocking will end, however the great results will be around forever!

Men Are Generally Happier With Their Appearance

When it comes to the differences in psyche between men and women, it is evident that men are generally happier with their appearance than women. There is less pressure on men to conform to certain looks and men are generally happier to just laugh off any issues that they might have with their body. This is changing though, and now men account for over 10% of all cosmetic surgery procedures. This shows that the male attitude towards looking good is changing and that men are finally coming around to the idea that they don’t have to put up with their perceived imperfections.

Lack of Examples in the Media

For women, there are loads of different celebrities and other well-known people who have clearly had plastic surgery, and look great thanks to it. This therefore encourages women who see them to go in the same direction, and therefore drives up the number of women in total visiting a plastic surgeon. Men, on the other hand, don’t tend to have so many “role models” when it comes to plastic surgery, therefore meaning they aren’t given that push. Of course, if men looked hard enough, they’d see that plenty of celebrities have gone under the knife though (aside from Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant, which might not be the best advert).

Despite the reasons listed above, men are increasingly starting to come round to the idea of cosmetic surgery, although they still make up a small percentage of the total number of procedures throughout the country.

At Moorgate Aesthetics, we offer a large range of cosmetic surgery procedures for men, ranging from penis enlargement through to hair transplants, as well as a number of different procedures that can be for both men and women. If you are a man and want to find out more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we won’t tell any of your mates about it…

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