Why women choose to restore their virginity


While in the past it was a problem for women in Europe and the US to lose their virginity before marriage, most women from these areas today are more open about their sexuality and need not worry about whether or not they produce hymen blood on their wedding night.

Virginity Restoration Surgery

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all women in the world today. There are cultures where women must remain virgins until their wedding night or they could potentially face death for their indiscretion. Muslim beliefs indicate that the men of the family own her virginity.

Fathers, brothers and uncles are the ones who choose how to utilise the resource of a female virgin in the household. Even in Muslim families that are not steeped in observing all of the traditions, it would be a serious disgrace and humiliation brought upon the men of her family. In some Middle Eastern countries, this behaviour can result in an honour killing.

Though the incidents of young women being killed by their families for virginity loss, it is still a real and looming threat to these girls, even if they live in the US or the UK. The clash of strict rules from her family background and the modern lifestyles of young Americans, some of these women lose their virginity in either a night of passion or in a real romance that does not turn to marriage at some point.

For these girls, having a hymen restoration surgery can mean the difference between living a long and happy life vs. being shunned and humiliated, outcast by family and native culture.

Some girls with Central and South American origins, including the Caribbean have similar pressures to remain virgins until marriage. Other cultures with these pressures hail from Asia. In some families, a physical examination to prove virginity must take place before the wedding. Doctors who perform this half hour surgery must make the new hymen look as real as possible for the health and happiness of their patients.

The popularity of virginity restoration is likely to continue to grow as globalisation exposes more young women to more sexually-free cultures than their heritage.

About Virginity Restoration Surgery

Today, there are doctors in several medical facilities across the world that can perform virginity restoration. Though the number is small, it is growing steadily as young women seek out physicians who can help them by restoring or creating a hymen.

The hymen is a thin membrane in girls and women that covers a portion of the vaginal entry. When a woman has intercourse for the first time, the hymen breaks, resulting in a small amount of bleeding that in many cultures is considered the necessary proof that a bride is a virgin on her wedding night.

One problem with this is that the hymen can actually break without sexual intercourse. Girls have been known to break it during bike riding and rigorous sports. However, if it is still intact during her first sexual encounter, it will break upon penetration.

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