Why Girls Want Bigger Buttocks !

We all know that men don’t lie when they say they love women with big butts. How could they? Big buttocks are awesome. They are sexy.


Why women want bigger bums

Why women want bigger bums

Big butts are beautiful and sexy: Small butts, bubble butts and the in-between butts are sexy too. After all, every butt is beautiful. But any medium butt girl will occasionally admit their envy of other girls who fill out those tight dresses

Big buttocks make girls more heart-healthy: Research conducted by a team at the Harvard Medical School, the subcutaneous fat found in women’s thighs, hips and buttocks can protect them against serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Big buttocks equals zero saggy jeans: Regardless of how perfect the jeans a woman with a small butt finds, they somehow end up sagging at the end of the day. That is not cute at all. Having a bigger butt will mean that these women no longer have to worry about sagging denim any longer.

Big buttocks requires additional omega-3s: Increased intake of omega-3s is also beneficial considering the nutrient catalyzes brain development. Scientific study has also confirmed that babies born of mothers with wider hips tend to have higher IQs.

Big buttocks offer protection against diabetes: According to a report released by ABC News, women who have big buttocks tend to have lower cholesterol levels compared to those with smaller butts. In addition, their bodies are more likely to produce sugar-metabolizing hormones. Ultimately, girls with big butts have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes.

Girls with big buttocks rock when they dance: Medium butts can totally pull off in dance. But for any lady who wants to do any Beyonce dance moves, more muscle in the rear is a must. It’s just as simple as that.

And finally, if you have a big derriere, your man will drop everything just to come and see it.

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