Why Do Men Worry about Penis Size ?

If you had a choice between having a small or large penis which would you choose?

And another question, if your partner had a choice between a small or large penis which would she/he choose?

Put like that it’s a straightforward answer isn’t it?

There is much debate about penis size and what is considered “normal”

From the work we do with our patients it’s not about achieving a set goal of inches most of the time, rather it’s about getting to a place where they feel confident and comfortable with their penis size.

That size may be five, six, seven or more inches. In truth it doesn’t really matter. It’s about a size that makes you feel good about yourself.

Most men would agree that a reasonably long thick penis is utopia. The sex experts tell us that you must have the thickness to satisfy a women. Our gay patients tell us that for their relationships it’s more about the length. 

Of all our penis enlargement procedures put together about 75% are for combined length and girth. Clearly, most guys want the best of both worlds most of the time.

It’s not just about the sex though. All too often we hear stories about the locker room syndrome. Changing with other well hung guys when you don’t measure up is no joke. If you have mates who are merciless when it comes to each other’s ” weak points” then it can be positively frightening. 

At the heart of it all is self confidence. Guys have this surgery for themselves. If their partners get the benefit then that’s great too, but often it’s not the primary goal.

Of course we do see patients who have had very unkind comments from previous sexual partners. I say previous because in almost all cases it’s the death knell of a relationship when one complains about the size of the other.

Worried about penis size?
Would You Marry A Man With A Small Penis ?

Does penis enlargement make you a better lover?

Well it may do but this probably has more to do with the increased self confidence than anything else. There is no denying though that the bigger penis has every chance of a better performance.

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