Why Am I Going Bald At Just age 19 ?

Hair loss has quickly become one of the most common problems for residents in the United Kingdom. If you’re young, and notice hair loss, it’s important to consult a doctor, and take a quick action. You shouldn’t wait until the problem worsens.

Going Bald At Just 19

Going Bald At Just age 19

Fortunately, there are many remedies to make sure your scalp has thick and dense hair. Before we talk about hair transplant surgery to help you out, let’s give some information about the reasons why you might experience hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are times when hair loss isn’t directly related to some systemic or internal disease. In fact, it may also be caused by a poor diet regime. Family history may also have a major impact on thinning of your hair. The same is true for aging process and predetermined genetic factors.

According to experts, hair loss may even be caused by normal life variations, such as dietary or nutritional changes, hormonal changes, severe anxiety or stress, illness, menopause, pregnancy or puberty.

There are many different health conditions that can have a huge impact on the condition and density of your hair. Thyroid and anemia are the most prominent ones. However, hair loss can be easily reserved with the right kind of products, and some surgical procedures. According to experts, hair transplant surgery is the best choice.

Surgical Intervention for Hair Loss

Hair transplant surgery is the most common option for treating early-age baldness in men. These days, surgeries are inexpensive and don’t cause any complications. They don’t have any side effects, and the recovery period is also shorter. Some of the most common procedures include :

Hair Transplants – In this procedure, the surgeon takes small hair plugs from the back of your hair or side of your scalp. The hair taken from these areas are carefully transplanted onto your bald patches. In the last few years, this procedure has significantly improved. However, it can still take months before you notice any positive results. But when you see results, they will be permanent. This service is carried out at Moorgate Aesthetics

Tissue Expansion – When it comes to tissue expansion, tiny balloons are carefully inserted underneath your scalp. These balloons are properly inserted between areas on the scalp with dense hair. In a few months, the balloon inflate. The area increases in size, and it’s surgically removed. In the end, sides of the scalp with hair are carefully on top of your head. read more…

Scalp Reduction – This procedure involves the removal of loose skin on the scalp. Once again, hair on the sides of the scalp are pulled up. In some cases, the skin on the forehead may also be properly lifted. This may lead to reduced wrinkles. read more..

In the modern age, you can choose from many different hair loss treatments. However, most experts consider FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery to be the best choice. According to studies and research, it’s the best solution for hair loss.


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