When its time to realise that you are having too much surgery

When its time to realise that you are having too much surgery


It was heart rendering to read about Sharon Osborne this week and her desicion of have a double mastectomy following another cancer scare.
She is a very brave lady indeed.
It was also interesting to hear of her views regarding the considerable amount of cosmetic surgery that she has had over the years.
Its no secret that she has spent a small fortune on different procedure sover the years including breast enlargment surgery and a gastric band procedure.
Now it seems enough is enough and no more surgery for Sharon Osborne.
Over the years I have met quite a few Poeple like Sharon who suddenly come to an abrupt halt after years of trying to hold back the years.
Only you know when that day has come. Patients can become addicted to cosmetic surgery and Plastic Surgeons are always on the look out for the tell tale signs. When they are alerted to this possibility they usually refuse to operate,
Some people are new procedure junkies. They just have to have the latest treatment or operation, even if most of their friends think they done need it.
Of course, in these cases it is highly likely that the Patient is going to be unhappy with the results afterwards. This is because the motivation to have the operation in the first place was flawed.
Think about your reasons for wating every cosmetic surgery operation that you dream of having and make sure that you have done your homework well and given the matter plenty of thought first.
As for Sharon Osborne, she will still be one of the greatest ex

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