What is Hymenoplasty?

What is Hymen Repair Surgery?

What is Hymen Repair Surgery?

Hymenoplasty is a popular name for Hymen restoration and is a procedure that is done on women for putting back their hymen.

A specialised surgeon is needed for performing this surgery, as this issue is very private and a strict non-disclosure policy has to be maintained.

Why is Hymenoplasty needed?

There are several reasons why women opt for this procedure. Common reasons are:

  • Cultural issue

In several cultures, hymen is thought to be a symbol of morality and purity and hence, is treasured.  Therefore, if the hymen is ruptured, this procedure has to be done for fitting in the culture.

  • Remedy to sexual abuse, incest and rape

Victims of sexual cruelty or rape could undergo this surgery as it is a great way of reclaiming what is taken from them.  After undergoing the surgery and getting the hymen back, women can eventually heal from this bitter experience.

  • To correct hymen damage

Several times, the hymen of a woman is damaged due to use of tampons or physical exercises. If any sort of damage is caused to the hymen, this surgery must be considered so that the damaged hymen can be corrected.

  • Re-virginization

Virginity is considered to be quite sacred. Hence, many women opt for this surgery for offering their partner with virginity.

How should you prepare for hymenoplasty?

As we mentioned above, a qualified surgeon is needed for performing the surgery as lot of experience is needed for putting back the torn edges. Usually, recovery from this procedure is a very short time frame and doesn’t take more than an hour to perform. There is no need to stay overnight in the hospital for undergoing the surgery. One can get it done on an outpatient basis.

Before undergoing the procedure, make sure that the overall health is good. If one is suffering from any sort of medical condition such as genital conditions, immune disorder or diabetes, it must be brought to the attention of the surgeon before he performs the procedure.  This would help him take some appropriate measures for ensuring the safety during, before as well as after the procedure.

For this procedure a general anaesthetic is used to guarantee no pain during surgery. After the procedure is completed, the hymen would be intact and should bleed and tear during intercourse. After a couple of days, normal routine can be resumed. The healing would take around 15 days.

To conclude, it can be said that Hymenoplasty is a non-invasive and a short procedure that professional surgeons must perform. Since the decision is quite private, ensure that such a clinic is chosen who has a strict non-disclosure policy.

This way it would be ensured that the privacy is safe and secure. Also, it is safe to get the procedure done from an experienced Plastic Surgeon. For more information about hymenoplasty contact us at Moorgate Aesthetics today

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