Weight loss surgery Patients looking for skin tightening

Weight loss surgery Patients looking for skin tightening


Recent reports coming out of a well known medical college in New york suggest that weight loss surgery Patients are not considering the excess skin when they have had their bariatric surgery.
Bariatric surgery can acheive sensational results and literally save peoples lives.

However, serious amounts of weight loss leave Patients with another problem, lost of loose skin to deal with.

This loose skin can uncover more health problems such as skin infections, and even torn skin in worst cases , when the skin gets caught in things.
Patients must consider the after effects of bariatric surgery and pay attention to any loose skin after the procedure.
Common procedures after bariatric surgery inlude abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck) thigh lifts, arm lifts and even belt lipectomies.
It must be said that those who havve a new lease of life after bariatric surgery usually go on to invest in other treatments to improve their appearance even further including, botox, dermal skin fillers and dermaroller treatments.

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