Tummy Tuck Surgery F.A.Q

Q. I have fat on my tummy together with loose skin after having my children, will they be able to be treated in one operation ?

A. This may be a reasonable request. The decision of course will be that of your Plastic Surgeon. The most important consideration is your safety and if both a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure can be performed at the same time, then this is a distinct possibility. The Plastic Surgeon is always mindful that both procedures can be treated in one operation then it is best to do so to avoid another operation. If you have a large amount of fat to be removed then the Plastic Surgeon may suggest a two stage procedure. It could involve having the fat removal procedure first , followed by the tummy tuck at a later date.

Q. I am afraid of general anaesthetic. Can I have a tummy tuck under a local anaesthetic.

A. Many people are afraid of general anaesthesia. As part of your pre operative assessment for the operation, your Plastic Surgeon is going to want to know that you are fit and well enough to undergo your tummy tuck. Remember that the Plastic Surgeon is only one member of a very skilled theatre team. This includes the Aneshetist who will be responsible for ensuring your safety as far as the anaesthetic goes in the operation. If there is any reason why you should not have a general anaesthetic this will be addressed in your assessment.

Q. Will I have bruising and swelling after a tummy tuck ?

A. You must always expect some bruising and swelling of the tissues after a tummy tuck.This is perfectly normal. This is likely to take several weeks to go completely. It takes a long time for the tissues to completely settle down and the results cannot objectively be assessed until some months have elapsed. Your Plastic Surgeon will want to review you periodically after your tummy tuck to ensure that your recovery process is on track.

Q. Will the loose skin come back afterwards ?

A. This is a very common question. If you put on lost of weight after the operation and then lose it again, it is possible. Similarly if you have further pregnancies this could also have an impact on the original result of the surgery. As you age of course, the skin looses its elasticity anyway.

Q. Will I need to take time off work ?

A. Yes, You will feel sore and bruised afterwards and it is best to give yourself some recovery time. Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to give you an indication as to the time required off work. This will depend on the level of the abdominoplasty. For example a mini tummy tuck might take less time to recover from than a full tummy tuck with liposuction, but this is a generalization. In most cases the Plastic surgeon is likely to request that you take two weeks off work.

Q. How quickly will I see results ?

A. Dont expect too much too quickly. Although many Patients report a change as soon as the surgery is over, you will have swelling to the treated areas and that has to settle down. Most of the bruising and swelling will have settled in around six weeks time, however it can take up to one year for everything to settle and for the Plastic Surgeon to evaluate the results properly. Once the dressings have been removed you will see that the redundant skin that was there before has not gone.

Q. How soon can I get back in the gym ?

A. Great to hear that you are so keen to get back to physical activity !. Again its difficult to be specific as there are a number of factors at play here. Usually the Plastic Surgeon advises up to six weeks before strenuous activity is started. The key is to ease yourself back in gently after your tummy tuck.

Q. Are there scars after the operation ?

A. Yes, there is a scar. Tummy tucks have what is known as a bikini line scar. This runs across the bikini line from hip to hip in many cases. This scar should fade over the following twelve months or so. It should be remembered however that everyone heals differently. Many Plastic Surgeons retort the old saying ” I make the cut, the Patient makes the scar”. If you have scars from previous operations ( not just cosmetic) that have not healed well, then you should discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon at the consultation.

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