Treating facial lines after your facelift

Treating facial lines after your facelift


In our clinic we often see clients who have taken the big plunge and had a facelift. Usually there has been a long road of consultations, pricing, comparing clinics, and not to mention soul searching before signing on the dotted line.

It has to be said that there can not be any other cosmetic surgery operation that delivers such a striking change and it is generally agreed that a good facelift can make you look around ten years younger.

That said, there are certain facial lines that a facelift does little to improve. For example, the so called ” smokers lines” on the upper lip do not improve with a facelift.
If you are used to having your upper lip lines treated with a dermal skin filler, then you will need to keep up those treatments to maintain the look. Most women who undego a facelift are only too happy to continue with the non surgical treatments after the surgery. After investing anything up to £ 20,000 on their facelift, a few hundred euros on botox or dermal fillers seems a small price to pay.

Forehead lines can be improved with a cosmetic surgery procedure called a browlift. This can be performed together with your facelift. If you dont feel a browlift is for you then you will ned to keep up with those botox treatments afterwards to keep those lines at bay.
It is wise to let your facelift settle before continuing with your non surgical treatments, maybe allow six weeks for the swelling to setlle down before visiting your non surgical practitioner for treatment.

Non surgical treatments after a facelift can add the finishing touches to one of cosmetic surgerys greatest offerings.

Rememeber though our general advice that if you are considering a facelift, make sure that you attend at least three consultatiosn with different Plastic Surgeons so that you can assess what can be done and the broader views of the Surgeons

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