Thinking About Breast Surgery? Don’t Leave The UK!

An increasing number of women in the UK are considering breast surgery.

Breast Surgery UK

Breast Surgery UK

Surprisingly, more and more women are looking to overseas clinics and centres to undergo their breast surgery, for a wide variety of reasons – cost being the most common. Our advice to you is simple – if you’re looking to undergo breast surgery, don’t leave the UK! Here’s why:

Compliance: The authorities in the UK heavily regulate clinics here. The same goes for the people who work in those clinics, like doctors and surgeons. Regulatory compliance is high in the UK, those who do not adhere to rules and regulations can expect the authorities to enforce action against them. If you’re traveling abroad to a clinic, do you know how thorough their laws are regarding breast surgery? Do you know if the clinic adheres to those laws? It’s a real minefield.
Sales tax: In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for businesses to provide customers with a total price when they buy something, whether it’s a car, a packet of crisps, or breast surgery. When looking overseas however, many clinics don’t include things like sales tax or valued added tax on their prices. So a clinic that looks 10% cheaper than a UK clinic, could end up more expensive when sales tax and value added tax have been accounted for.

Recovery: Breast surgery can often leave you feeling sore and tired. There’s nothing worse than recovering from an operation overseas, a long way from family, friends and the comfort of your own home. Do you really want to have to negotiate a long journey home – possibly by air – right after your breast operation?
Other hidden costs: We’ve already touched on the hidden cost of sales tax and VAT – but other hidden costs include actually getting to the clinic, especially if it’s in another part of the world.

Having breast surgery in the UK may look more expensive on the face of things, but often it’s not when you factor in all of the hidden costs associated with going under the knife abroad. On the NHS website you’ll also find an extended list of factors to consider when it comes to travelling overseas for any kind of cosmetic surgery.

If you’re planning breast surgery then it’s important to weigh up the merits of having that surgery in the UK. Of course there will be times when going overseas works out for the best, but in general it really does make sense to remain in the UK for your breast surgery for a whole host of different reasons.

We offer breast surgery in the UK, so why not contact us without delay to see how we can help you? Call 03300 244 858 or email our office now and we’ll be glad to tell you a little bit more about what we can do for you.

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