The worlds biggest Penis

If there is one question that we are asked more than any other by men it must be , ” is my penis small compared to normal ?”

Lets face it, not many men talk about their penis, certainly not in terms of penis size. It seems that many men assume that the next guy has a bigger one.

Well, spare a thought for American guy who has the official record for having the worlds biggest penis. His name is Jonah Falcon and he has claim to an eye watering 8 inch penis in the flaccid state, and 13.5 inches when erect.

Jonah amazingly doesnt feel that he has “anything special” when he looks down at his penis, but admits to the attention that his huge member seems to be attracting.

Having a huge penis can be as intimidating for a man as having a small penis. A typical erect penis will measure somewhere near 6 inches. It is quite possible to have aperfectly normal size penis when flaccid, yet small on erection. Our friend Jonah has no problem in either state and he will not be looking to have penis enlargment surgery in this life.

Many men are concerned about their penis in the flaccid state, because when it is erect it is bigger anyway. Still, it is the erection that counts which is why when it comes to penis enlargement surgery, most men opt to have at least the thickening procedure. This is normally carried out by transfering some fat from your tummy to the shaft of the penis.

Penis enlargement surgery is not something you hear much about, mainly because most men are not willing to admit to such surgery in public. It is still a bit taboo, but it does not stop hundreds of men going for it every year. Even if they cant quite get to the amazing penis size of Jonah Falcon, they can hope for a little bit more to improve their self confidence in the bedroom and gym locker room.

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