The Reasons Breast Implants Are More Popular Than Ever in the UK

The Reasons Breast Implants Are More Popular Than Ever in the UK

Breast Implants UK

Breast Implants UK

The number one incidence of cosmetic surgery in the UK are breast implants, and they even have more requests than liposuction and nose jobs. More and more small chested women see the advantages of having surgery to “grow” their breasts as that is the trend.

There are more advertisements for breast augmentation too, as they are advertised on the internet, on trains and buses and in magazines, with slogans such as “Dream Big” and “Bigger is Better.” The procedure is being billed almost as though a person were purchasing a sweater.

Silicone implants for the female breast was first introduced in 1962. That was just after the “Barbie Doll” came on the scene. But in the nineties, there was a downturn in the augmentation market when the silicone began leaking and there were serious complications with the procedure then.

Now, that has been resolved with better products that don’t leak or cause any problems internally, and there are 300,000 to 400,000 women annually who opt for a breast augmentation procedure.

The surgery itself is not all that complicate, although it can be a bit painful, as the surgeon has to cut through the chest muscle to implant the implant material, which can consist of silicone, saline solution, or “gummy bear” which is a silicone gel that keeps its shape. The recovery requires a few days to a week of not doing much, because the chest muscles have to heal, but after that life can resume as normal.

The cost of breast implants are not cheap either, running in the £4,000 to £7,000 range for a good doctor. There are more women getting breast augmentation in the London area and widely spreading throughout the UK.

The predominant age group of women who get implants run from ages 30 to 39, presuming that this is an age where a women may be fighting the battle of perhaps feeling she is getting a bit older and that she ought to do something to be a little more attractive.

Who can say that it is not “natural” to improve ones breasts, in a world where wigs, face lifts, coloured hair, various make up designs and liposuction is also treated as the norm.

The procedure is treated as normal and easy as a tooth filling, and it is advertised to the hilt as such. It is also not deemed to be stupid or abnormal to have your breasts enlarged simply because “everyone is doing it,” or at least that is the perception that the pundits attempt to put across. Even if everyone is not really getting their breasts enlarged, there is no stigma about doing it, and that is also a driving force behind a booming business.
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