The Real Reason Why Women Have Designer Vagina Surgery

While many label them as being obsessed over pornography or sex, the real reason why women have cosmetic vagina surgery has nothing to do with any of these things.

Designer vagina

Designer vagina

The reason is that they are looking to reduce the size of the inner lips of the vagina, commonly known as labia. Increased size of the labia causes women to suffer problems that include extreme psychological distress, tearing and pain.

Generally, the labia are meant to protect the clitoris and vagina. The outer labia, otherwise known as labia majora, have more fat and tissue compared to the inner labia (labia minora). They vary in size and shape in different women but there are those who express distress or discomfort with theirs even when they are medically certified as normal.

Designer vagina surgery is a procedure that involves cutting the labia minora to make it smaller and more symmetrical compared to the labia majora. This is accomplished by cutting the excess with a laser or scalpel and stitching the slack edge with dissolvable sews until it heals.

While many people like to assume that women like to have the procedure for a designer vagina, most of them seek the surgical procedure because they experience trauma due a low-hanging or misshaped labia or functionality reasons. Due to the size of their labia, some women find it hard to undress in front of others, wear a bikini or have relationships for fear that their partners will see their hanging genitalia.

In other cases, the condition is so severe that some women find having sex, riding horses, or cycling painful. Some women’s labia have also been torn while horse riding or having sexual intercourse, both of which have resulted in bleeding and excruciating pain. Women with hanging labia may also find it hard to wear tight clothes, particularly trousers or tights.

Many women are concerned about how having bigger a labia affect other aspects of their lives. Some are born naturally with long labia while for others, the labia becomes less attractive when they give birth. Regardless of the reason for torn labia, women find it unattractive and embarrassing. Due to this, they avoid going swimming or wearing skirts/shorts as swim suits, getting changed in public or going to the gym.

The idea that women get cosmetic vaginas is a myth that should be dispelled as paints women in a bad light. And while some people may find it hard to understand why women would seek cosmetic vagina surgery, they should understand that trauma due to large labia’s is very real. If you are looking for Labia reduction surgery contact Moorgate Aesthetics on 03300 244 858

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