The Increasing Popularity of Fat Transfers to the Buttocks

Whether you actively follow entertainment news or just catch bits of it as you go about your daily life, you undoubtedly have noticed the trend toward curvier figures taking centre stage. Instead of pencil-thin figures, larger breasts and butts are “in” these days.

Bigger-ButtocksWhile some are born with a naturally big booty, others have to pay for it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez proudly display their large buttocks to the joy of their fans. While some of those in the entertainment world came by theirs naturally, others have had implants or fat transfers to get the rounded backside of their dreams.

As a result of this, a growing number of people are choosing to undergo Fat Transfer to Buttocks or Buttock Implants. Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous. Today, everyone from librarians to accountants and sales clerks can have body enhancements performed at more reasonable rates than a few decades back.

Your fat tissue is the ideal choice for reshaping your butt though people without sufficient body fat will need to go the implant route. Men and women alike experience several benefits from choosing to undergo this surgical procedure.

Unlike implants, the incisions associated with fat transfer procedures are small. These spaces only have to be large enough for the fat to be suctioned and placed. Not only will this improve the final aesthetics, but you will also heal more quickly. You can speak to the surgeon regarding the ideal placement to reduce the noticeability of the scar tissue.

You will have the shape you desire without worries about foreign substances being in your body. The minimally invasive procedure only takes a couple of hours as an outpatient, and you will be through the initial recovery period within a few days.

Take a couple of days off work next to your regularly scheduled ones, and you can return with a fabulous new backside ready to jump back in! The results are visible immediately though it will take a couple of months for the final shape and appearance.

In addition to the swelling and other common post-surgical complaints, a fat transfer involves a bit more work. Your body must integrate the fat cells into the surrounding tissues. Some of them will be reabsorbed, which may lead to a slight reduction in your buttocks size.

Men and women alike appreciate the fact that they can get the shapely derriere they desire while also getting rid of troubling fat deposits elsewhere on the body. Even people who are in reasonably good health may have stubborn love handles, big thighs or other undesired areas of fat. By utilising this fat to create a new butt, you will get two procedures in one!

You can join celebrities like Chloe Sims and Heidi Montag in taking charge of how your buttocks looks. Schedule an appointment with Moorgate Aesthetics, a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK and discuss which options are best for you. You will be on your way to a sexy new body and increased confidence.

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