The Devastating Effects Of Hair Loss In Women

While it is thought to be strictly a man’s illness, a significant percentage of women around the world experience hair loss.

Hair loss in Women

Hair loss in Women

According to recent study findings, about forty percent of women experience hair loss by the time they hit the age of forty. Hair loss is not only devastating on emotional well-being but also for self-image.

It is unfortunate that society chooses to ignore the effects that hair loss can have on women. Generally, more attention is paid to hair loss in men than in women. The thing that most people, including medical professionals, don’t realize is that hair loss can be as devastating as any other illness.

Regardless of whether it is short or long, wavy or straight, bouncy or sleek, hair is more than just fiber. For women, it is a symbol of personality and individual style. Scientific research has also proven the existence of a link between self image and hair. Now if the occasional bad hair day can manage to make a woman feel distressed, you can bet that hair loss is far more devastating as this is something a woman would be reminded of every time she looked in the mirror.

Self esteem is also challenged when women experience a thinning hairline. This usually happens because as women, they are highly sensitive to social expectations concerning their hair. Physical attractiveness is considered a cornerstone of self-esteem and if comprised, in this case by thinning hair, women become vulnerable. Any measures of self worth including self-esteem drop when women experience hair loss.

Hair is one of the criterions used to measure the attractiveness of a woman. It is also an important factor of measuring individuality as it affects how they are perceived by the rest of the world. Unlike men whose hair represents masculinity and virility, hair loss in women is likely to make them feel less attractive to the opposite sex compared to how before hair thinning occurred. Given that hair is biblically considered a symbol of power (in the story of Samson and Delilah), hair loss ruins a woman’s attractiveness and leads to dissatisfaction with body image.

While long and healthy hair is not always a sign of confidence, scientific research has proven that hair loss is often results in loss of confidence in women. However, the psychological impact of this is not easily determinable especially if we consider the fact that it is easier for women to hide their baldness with wigs compared to men.

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