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Terms and Conditions

The information on the website www.moorgateaesthetics.com in relation to cosmetic surgery procedures is for information and educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Moorgate Aesthetics does not provide medical advice for cosmetic surgery. We do not advise or diagnose in relation to medical or cosmetic procedures . The information on the website is not exhaustive and does not include information on every aspect of every cosmetic surgery operation.

Only a qualified Doctor or Plastic Surgeon can give appropriate medical advice and you are advised to make your own inquiries in terms of any advice or treatment that maybe provided or offer to be provided by such medical professionals.
Any information provided by any employee or associate of Moorgate Aesthetics should not be relied upon as being accurate and the company make no warranties or representations as to the information provided by any company personnel , either expressed or implied. Only a qualified Doctor or Plastic Surgeon can give appropriate advice to Patients regarding cosmetic surgery procedures.

Furthermore it is expressly agreed and understood that Moorgate Aesthetics acts as an introducer only, to Doctors and Plastic Surgeons, and Moorgate Aesthetics does not have any liability in respect of any negligent acts of the Surgeon.

Any discussions, treatment or surgery, or disputes arising out of such matters, or any other matter pertaining to your treatment or surgery, are between you and your Plastic Surgeon and/or the Hospital, and have nothing to do with Moorgate Aesthetics whatsoever.

Moorgate Aesthetics do not warrant that the information contained on its website maybe constantly available , or available at all. Furthermore Moorgate Aesthetics do not warrant that the information is true, accurate, up to date or non –misleading.


The information on the website should not be considered as a substitute for professional advice from a suitably qualified Doctor or Plastic Surgeon.

If you have specific questions regarding any cosmetic surgery procedure you should seek the advice of a qualified Doctor or Plastic Surgeon. Patients should satisfy themselves that the medical professionals they choose have the appropriate qualifications and legal status to provide such advice and/or surgery in the United Kingdom. Although every reasonable precaution is taken to verify the registration and qualifications of Plastic Surgeons to whom Patients are introduced, Moorgate Aesthetics do not make any warranty as to the qualifications, registrations or legal status of any medical professional. Furthermore any decision to proceed with treatment or surgery is entirely between the Patient and his/her Surgeon, Patients must satisfy themselves that the Surgeon they choose are suitably qualified and experienced to carry out any particular cosmetic surgery operation for them. Any decision to proceed with Surgery is entirely between the Patient and the Surgeon and is not a matter for Moorgate Aesthetics.

If you feel that you are suffering from any medical condition you are encouraged to consult a Doctor for appropriate advice. Check with your Doctor if you are suffering from , or feel that you may be suffering from, any medical condition.

Moorgate Aesthetics is not responsible for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use or misuse of the information on the website, or implied on the website, or acting on information given on the website.


Moorgate Aesthetics will range a consultation for you directly with a Plastic Surgeon. There is no charge for this service. Should you and your Plastic Surgeon decide to proceed with surgery Moorgate Aesthetics will make the booking arrangements for you with your Plastic Surgeon and selected hospital. The company will also assist with bookings of follow up appointments after surgery. Throughout the duration of your treatment Moorgate Aesthetics will be on hand to help you with any aspects.Our role is to make sure that the process of bookings, arrangements and comunications are as smooth as possible. Most Plastic Surgeons do not charge for consultation. Where a consultation is levied by a Surgeon, you will be informed at the time of booking.


To book surgery you will normally be required to pay a deposit. In most cases the deposit required will be £ 250. The balance of surgery is payable no later than 14 days prior to surgery. If payment is delayed the company reserve the right to cancel your operation of behalf of your Plastic Surgeon. In such cases the following amounts will be retained to cover cancellation and administration costs incurred.

over 30 days from the date of surgery, Deposit only be will be retained

29 days to 14 days, deposit and 25 % of the surgery fee

13 days to 2 days. Deposit and 50 % of the surgery fee

Within 48 hours. No refund of fees.

Cancellations will only be deemed to have been received by Special delivery of the Royal Mail at the offices of Mills Medical Services Ltd located at Kelham Street Doncaster DN1 3RA. Letters should be marked for the attention of The General Manager. Telephone or email cancellations can be made but will not be deemed to have been officially notified for calculation of cancellation fees until receipt of the above letter.

Bookings will not be accepted by Plastic Surgeons within 14 days of the consultation. You need time to reflect on the information and advice given to you by your Surgeon. Any monies paid within this time frame are fully refundable in the event that you change your mind.


Changes to the operation date that you decide to make will incur an administration fee of £ 75 in all cases.

In very rare cases the Plastic Surgeon may need to change or delay the time or the date of your surgery. This could be for a variety of reasons such as , but not limited to, sickness of the Surgeon or his team, emergency admissions, breakdown of essential equipment. In such cases Moorgate Aesthetics reserve the right to cancel or delay your surgery if the Plastic Surgeon feels that this is in the best interests of your safety and health. An alternative time or date will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity.


Moorgate Aesthetics cannot provide medical advice. Our staff are not medically qualified and any statement given by any member of staff should not be relied upon as being accurate. If you have a medical query our staff will seek the advice of your Plastic Surgeon directly, or a member of his/her team in every instance. Moorgate Aesthetics cannot diagnose or make recommendations of a medical nature. Our service to you is of an administrative nature only. If you have concerns about your health or have medical issues relating to your surgery Moorgate Aesthetics will arrange an appointment for you directly with your Plastic Surgeon in order that you can discuss these directly with the Medical Professional.


Your follow up care is a vital part of your journey into cosmetic surgery. All Plastic Surgeons have a comprehensive aftercare policy which will provide reassurance in the event of post operative complications etc. This policy may vary from Surgeon to Surgeon, however all offer follow up appointments and readmission cover in the unlikely event of a post operative complication. Full details of the appropriate post operative care policy will be provided prior to booking your surgery.

Moorgate Aesthetics do not make any representations as to the suitability or otherwise of any cosmetic surgery procedures to any individual or for any purpose. Users of the website and booking service must satisfy themselves in conjunction with their Doctor or Plastic Surgeon as to their suitability or otherwise of any cosmetic surgery procedure, including, but not limited to, the potential outcomes, risks and complications. Moorgate Aesthetics hereby disclaim all warranties , terms and conditions in relation to the information contained on the website including products and services, including all implied warranties , terms and conditions of satisfactory quality or fit for any particular purpose. The information is provided “ as is “ and without warranty of any kind. In view of the rapid changes and advancements in cosmetic surgery the information contained on the website may not always be accurate and may contain technical inaccuracies or other errors. The contributors to this site disclaim any liability for any errors or omissions or results as a result of use of this website.

Moorgate Aesthetics shall not in any way be liable for any damages howsoever arising out of use or misuse of the website, or acting upon information given in the website, or information provided by any associate or employee of Moorgate Aesthetics, whether based on contract, tort, or strict liability or otherwise.

Moorgate Aesthetics website contains links to other websites. Moorgate Aesthetics do not warrant the safety or accuracy of information of any of these websites and users visit these websites at their own risk. We do not endorse any of these websites neither do we have control over any of these websites. If you have a complaint in relation to any of these links then please let us know and we will remove them without delay.

Moorgate Aesthetics reserve the right to make changes to the website at any time and without prior notice. Furthermore the user accepts that there may be typographical errors contained in this website. Every effort is made to include up to date and accurate information on this website, however Moorgate Aesthetics accepts no liability for any omissions or errors contained herein.

The use of this website is governed by the laws of England. By using this website you consent to the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the English courts in any dispute arising out of the use of this website. This agreement constitutes an agreement which overrides any other agreement whether verbal, or written between the user and Moorgate Aesthetics.

Moorgate Aesthetics is a trading name of Mills Medical Services Ltd. Any correspondence for Moorgate Aesthetics should be addressed to Mills Medical Services and sent to their registered offices at Kelham Street Doncaster DN1 3RA.

By accepting the booking and administration service offered by Moorgate Aesthetics you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out.

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