Tattoos , the great debate

Tattoos , the great debate


Tattoo Removal

Okay, so tattoos are very much in vogue. Of that there is no denying. The success of TV programmes such as Miami Ink has only swelled the numbers queuing up at their local tattoo parlour.
However the story that is seldom told is the one where sooner or later the tattoo is no longer wanted and its owner becomes desperate to have it removed.
This is the moment when the cost of removing the tattoo is revealed as being significantly higher than it was to get it done in the first place.
Some tattoos are easier to remove than others, much depends on the location of the tattoo and the size.
Inevitably there is a scar. For those who are desperate to remove them the prospect of a scar is not as bad as the thought of keeping the tattoo.
Perhaps the worst example of this is when someone has the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend tattoed. The relationship breaks up and lo and behold they are left with a name that only brings painful memories.
Whilst this is bad enough, when a new relationship springs up , the tattoo is a living nightmare. We have seen clients who have such tattoos and the new partner knows nothing of them , even months into the relationship.
One of the most concerning aspects must be that more and more younger people are having tattooos. They have very little life experience and those of us who have lived a little longer, know that they face some heartbreak along the way. To have a tattoo of an early girlfriend or boyfriend can only spell misery for later on.
There is no doubt that many people have tattoos and are delighted with them, so much so that they adorm their enitre bodies with them.
Our advice would be that if you are considering a tattoo, start by having something in a place where it wont be seen. At least if you hate it later on you can stil cover it up.
In the job market, we feel there is still a stigma attached to those with tattoos, especially in business circles.

Those looking for professional or business careers need to think very carefully before taking the plunge.
Meanwhile, clinics will still be busy with requests to remove them. Lasers seem the flavour of the day with better results being acheived than ever before , which is good news for the future. As we said before, treatment doesnt come cheap. If you have a large tattoo and your cosmetic Surgeon wants you to stay in hospital overnight and have a general anaesthetic for the operation, then you are

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