Dr Jacobus A. Vlok. Vaser ® Lipo Surgeon

dr-vlok - Vaser Lipo Surgeon

Dr Jacobus A. Vlok qualified at the UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA initially with an MBChB (Baccalareus in Medicine and Surgery) followed by a Master’s degree in Family Medicine and subsequently the Diploma in Occupational Health and Medicine at the same University.

He is registered as a specialist in family medicine with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (MP 0213624) and also as a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom since 2002. (GMC 0945605)

Dr Vlok is an experienced clinician who has had extensive training and hands on experience in general surgery, ear nose and throat-, skin- and gynaecological surgery gained at the Wynberg Hospital in Cape Town and subsequently in private practice in rural South Africa.

A career in aesthetic medicine was inevitable when his surgical and clinical experience was combined with a receptiveness and talent for the fine arts.

He is passionate about medical interventions that genuinely make a difference and therefore procedures and treatments with dubious outcomes are never considered.

Dr Vlok also firmly believes that the qualifications of the practitioner do not necessarily predict the aesthetic outcome but the insight and understanding of proportions and contours, a natural flair for the aesthetics are more important to ensure an optimal treatment result.

No academic training will help a clinician understand what a perfect derrière should look like, or what the optimal quantity of fat to leave behind during lipoplasty should be, or that subtle adjustments can make significant changes to the human silhouette.

Probably the most dramatic of the treatments that Dr Vlok provides is the art of liposculpting through VASER ® technology.

Dr Vlok is also skilled in dermal filler injection, wrinkle reduction injection, skin surgery, Obagi ®chemical peels, Bodytite ® liposuction, IPL/ NdYag skin rejuvenation, and CO2 laser skin treatments.


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Consultation Locations

    64 Harley Street
    W1G 7HB
    Welbeck Hospital
    W1G 8EN
  • ESSEX Clinic
    RM14 2UE
    The Tower Clinic
    LS16 7AP

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    Edgbaston Medical Practice
    B15 1PL
    St John Street,
    M3 4DR
    Parkhead Consultancy
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    The Osborne Clinic,
    NE2 1JQ
    Mansfield Rd,
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