Surgeons And Consultants

At Moorgate Aesthetics, we feel it is vital that you are fully informed as to the qualifications and experience of your Surgeon. As part of your research into choosing a Surgeon, you should be looking to find out more about him/her so that you are confident that you are going to be treated by a true professional.

Surgeons and Consultants

The qualifications and experience of your Surgeon are critical in the selection process. Don’t trust two pieces of paper handed out by a clinic, make sure that you do the checks yourself and satisfy yourself that you are going to be treated by a fully qualified and registered Surgeon.

Thankfully, these checks are not as difficult as they may first seem. In the United Kingdom it is law that a Doctor must be registered with the General Medical Council of Great Britain. The General Medical Council have an excellent website which is easy to use and very informative Here you can check a Doctors registration by entering just the name of the Doctor, or the registration number if you know it. Many Surgeons are happy to give you their registration details, which makes for even easier checking.

Depending on what treatment or surgery you are looking to have, you may want to reassure yourself that the Surgeon is on the Specialist Register of the GMC. This is especially relevant in Cosmetic surgery, for example.


Dr Franklin Kuehhas – Urological Surgeon

Mr Kuehhas is a consultant urological surgeon with sub specialist interest in reconstructive andrology. He has vast expertise in the investigation and treatment of congenital penile curvatures, Peyronie’s disease, penile implant surgery and aesthetic penile surgery. Read full profile

Dr Franklin Kuehhas – Urological Surgeon


Dr Navid Jallali. Plastic Surgeon.

Mr. Jallali is a consultant at Imperial College Healthcare Trust in London and is one of UK’s leading plastic surgeons. He is currently consulting for Moorgate Aesthetics in London – read full profile

Dr Navid Jallali. Plastic Surgeon.

Surgeon Jallali-Moorgate

Dr Gary Horn Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Gary F. Horn trained in main hospitals of Paris( France). Dr. Gary Horn has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of cosmetic surgery. In 2003, he designed  the first pectoral implant, which is now used worldwide. Read full profile

Dr Gary Horn Plastic Surgeon

Dr-Gary-Horn-Plastic surgeon

Dr Harris Haseeb Plastic Surgeon.

Dr Harris Haseeb is Moorgate Aesthetics Hair Transplant Surgeon. Dr Harris Haseeb has worked within the National Health Service for over 20 years. read full profile

Dr Harris Haseeb Plastic Surgeon

Dr Harris Haseeb

After over thirty years in the United Kingdom cosmetic surgery industry, we understand the anxiety that Patients feel when they are blindly trying to check their Surgeons details, and try and make that all-important decision.

Some Surgeons offer consultations without charge. Others charge a consultation fee. Make sure that you choose your Surgeon based on all of the facts, not just because one offers a free consultation and the next one does not. If you do have to pay a small charge for consultation consider it part of the investment into your research. Many large groups offer free consultations but sometimes you can find it hard to get the dedicated time that you want. This is because the Surgeon has a huge list of Patients to see for free consultations. This is not the case every time of course, but if you are sat in a room of twenty or thirty people you need to ask yourself if you are going to get the time that you need.

In most cases where a fee is charged, the Surgeon will set aside plenty of time to discuss all aspects of the surgery with you and he will give you plenty if time to ask any questions that you have. Consider mixing one or two free consultations with one or two paid ones to get a broad opinion.

The Surgeons that we refer to are carefully chosen for their industry reputation. However it’s not just the reputation. We focus on many qualities that make up an excellent Doctor or Surgeon. Some of these include:

  1. Surgical skills. Remember that not all Surgeons are good at ALL procedures. You need to be sure that your Surgeon has competency and good results in the operation you are choosing to undergo.

  2. Surgical Performance. Is your Surgeon getting consistently good results ?. Is the following best practice in all areas ?. Choosing a Plastic Surgeon on Surgical performance is not always easy. One way to help check his performance is to speak to one or two of his past Patients for your operation.

  3. Bedside Manner. Yes, this is just as important. If you are going to be a private Patient of this Doctor, is he going to give you the time that you are looking for and answer any of your questions when you have them ? Is he going to be there for you at the end of the bed or at the end of the phone when  you have a problem or a question?

  4. Availability. Is the Surgeon able to carry out your operation when you want it done?

  5. Time. Does the Surgeon have a good support team to help him when he is in the operating theatre and not able to take your call? If he is working completely alone, he may not have the time required for you in the follow-up period. Choose a Surgeon who you can access when you need him.

  6. Qualifications. Does your Surgeon have the required qualifications to carry out your operation? This may seem obvious, but make sure that you choose a fully qualified Surgeon. Choosing a Surgeon is easier if you check his registration details with the General Medical Council. You can do this online.

Remember that Moorgate Aesthetics can help you with the answers to these questions. We don’t employ sales people like most others do. We arrange your consultation for you directly with the Surgeon and we don’t charge you a penny. You deal directly with the Surgeon who will perform your operation. We make all of the arrangements for you to see your Surgeon and then it’s entirely up to you. When you are ready to proceed with your surgery we will be there to help you with all of the arrangements every step of the way.

Of course, we are always on hand for support whenever you need it at any stage of your treatment and care. Give us a call today on 03300 244 858 for an informal chat.

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