Should you tell your Partner that you have had Penis Enlargement Surgery

Should you tell your Partner that you have had Penis Enlargement Surgery ?



We get asked this question a lot !
If you are in a steady relationship it would be very stressful for you after having the surgery if you try to keep it from your regular Partner. For a start, you cannot have sexual Intercourse for up to six weeks after the surgery. If you are used to a healthy relationship then questions might be asked by your Partner.
We have known clients who have kept the surgery a secret, at least until after the surgery, in our experience this can cause problems.
If on the other hand you do not have a steady relationship then there is no reason to tell anyone that you have had penis enlargment surgery in our opinion. When the operated area has heald sufficiently, your Partner of the time should not notice that you have had any surgery. There may be a scar in the pubic region after lengthening surgery, but this is usually covered by the pubic hair. Many men who decide to have Penis enlargement surgery discuss the option with their partner well before the surgery date and this has to be the best option , at least in the short term. If you discuss it with your partner you are likely to get her/his support which is important when considering any cosmetic surgery procedure. If you feel that you cannot discuss the prospect of penis enlargement surgery with your Partner, try seeing your family Doctor and discuss things with him.

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