Should we pay for a cosmetic Surgery Consultation ?

I am often asked this question by many people looking to get advice on cosmetic surgery.

There is no doubt that there are lots of free consultations available for cosmetic surgery. Most of the large cosmetic surgery comapnies offer free consultations with their Plastic Surgeons. I think that the thought of charging would be seen as a major competitive disadvantage. So I cannot see that changing anytime soon. The Sir Bruce Keogh report may have something to say about free consultations though, when that report is released in March.

Because free consultations with Plastic Surgeons are so available, some Patients do take umbridge about the mere prospect of paying for one and some are genuninly shocked if they are asked to pay. Many Plastic Surgeons in private practice will charge a consultation fee and this can be anything from £ 30 to £ 200.

I think it is really important that Patients seek out a good , experienced Plastic Surgeon first. If you make that your priority then you are starting out on the right foot. If the consultation is free, great !, but I would suggest not to be put off if you are asked to pay for a consultation. If you are considering highly specialised surgery such as penis enlargement surgery, complicated rhinoplasty surgery etc then it is vital that you choose your Plastic Surgeon with considerable care.

Some Plastic Surgeons offer to refund your consultation fee if you proceed with your operation. Others even promise to refund your consultation fee just for showing up at the consultation. Many Plastic Surgeons are plagued by Patients not showing up for consultations. This is espcially true where consultations are free of charge. It can be very frustrating for a Surgeon if he has travelled to a hospital especially to see you, and then you dont turn up.

There is no doubt that because the consultation is free, many Patients dont view them as being important. Of course when they have paid for the consultation they always turn up. I can see more Surgeons charging for consultations and as I mentioned before, changes in legislation may have a bearing on what happens in the future.

So if you are looking to book a cosmetic surgery consultation, focus on the Plastic Surgeon first. If you have to pay, then think seriously about investing a little mooney and time into your research. You could opt to mix your consultations with paying and non paying consultations. Most Plastic Surgeons will suggest that you seek the opinion of at least three Plastic Surgeons to get a braod opinion before making up your mind.

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