Should teenage girls have breast enlargement ?

breast enlargement has been in the news again recently, but this time for the wrong reasons.

It is claimed that at least one clinics has been contacting 17 year olds to see if they are interested in having a breast enlargement when they become 18 years old.

This is agressive marketing at its very worst, surely.

Cosmetic surgery is not one of those subjects that can be approached , unsolicited, to the public. You could see whay many people would be horrified to receive a letter in the post, or a phone call from a call centre, asking if they would like a breast enlargement.

We are all used to receiving unsolicited calls and letters these days, but the buck has to stop somewhere.

The truth is of course that many girls are still growing at only 17 years of age, and that includes the breasts. Most Plastic Surgeons will not operate on minors at all, and that goes for most cosmetic surgery procedures. It is generally believed that teenagers ( at least those under 18 ) cannot make an informed desicion on their own.

There have been some well documented cases of Parents turning up at the Plastic Surgeons doorstep to get their daughter a boob job, at any age from 16 upwards. Many girls to manage to get a boob job at 16 or over, but what are the consequences going to be down the line ?

What many girls fail to realise is that one breast enlargement tends to lead to another. Its easy at such a young age to forget that those breasts are going to age at some point. They are also likely to be subjcted to the ravages of childbirth, which is what usually drives many women to the Plastic Surgeon in the first place. So at sometime in the future, the young lady is going to have to find additional funds to have it all done again.

Times are changing, and more and more girls are looking to have breast enlargement before they reach 20 years of age. Maybe this is in part due to their Mothers being advocates of cosmetic surgery and a breast enlargement is considered no more that an extension of a beauty regime.

The important thing here is that women and young girls need to be aware of all of the fcats before they embark on breast enlargement surgery. It can be a life changing operation for some. Increased self confidence and imporved relationships can all happen as a result of surgery. However, timing is everything and teenagers should be encouraged to wait and let their bodies develop as much as possible ( and their minds ) so that they can make an informed desicision of their own and in their own time.

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