Recession bites in Surgical procedures

Recession bites in Surgical procedures


Its clear that the cosmetic surgery market has suffered over the
past few years. The recession has taken its toll in cosmetic surgery just as it has everywhere else.
Cosmetic surgery is not an essential item and cant be surprisin that its one of the first luxuries to be hit in hard
Numbers are down in most procedures. This is in
part due to the lack of finance for operations. Banks are holding on to their money as we all know, and this
lack of access to cash is preventing many people from having the surgery they
It follows then that the demand is there. One wonders if there will be a rush to clinics when bank loans become accessible again. There is no suggestion that the British public done want bigger breasts or facelifts
One area of the market which seems less affected by the recession are the non surgical treatments.
These include botox, wrinkle fillers, microdermabrasion,
dermaroller and skin peels. Being a much lower sales ticket item, they are deemed more affordable and evidence suggests that people are prepared to save up between treatments and keep the treatments going.
However, prices have noticeably fallen in this niche marketmwhich is great news for the Patients. These treatments are now widely accessible, as far as the beauty Parlours.
Also, technology is moving fast and many of these treatments are now giving results very close to some surgical outcomes. Examples of this are deep skin peels and volumising dermal skin fillers.
The market looks to have another tough time yest for a year or two. However, demand is still out there and there could be boom times around the corner when money bcomes available for those who want the procedures done.

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