Pressure bears down on private clinics

Pressure bears down on private clinics


The Government are putting heavy pressure on private clinics to replace P.I.P breast implants free of charge for Patients.
Clinics are hitting back claiming that it was the Government who gave the green light for P.I.P breast implants to be allowed on the UK market in the first place.
It seems to us that this argument has some time to run yet.
Our colleagues tell us that clinics are being uinundated with enquiries from patients all desperate to know if they have had P.I.P breast implants in their surgery.
Interestingly many of these Patients are not experiencing any symptoms at all and ther majority are happy with the outsome of their operations.
So what are Patients to do ?. To remove or not to remove that is the question.
As advice is highly conflicting it is very tough for British women to make an informed desicion. Even if your breasts look and feel perfect , wont there always been a nagging doubt in the back of your mind ?
There really does need to be a consensus of opinion across Europe so that this matter can be resolved quickly, both for the sake of Pati4nts and , frankly, the future of the aestheic surgery industry.

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