Phallosan forte Extender

Penis Enlargement and Penis Straightening

PHALLOSAN® forte – Leading Through Innovation

Belt Penis extenderAfter surgery our patients move onto using the PHALLOSAN® forte extender.

This is a unique extender with a soft orthopaedic belt allowing it to be worn more comfortably especially while sleeping. 


phallosan-forte-Penis extender

Not only is the extender recommended by our Uro-Andrological surgeon, it is also approved by the FDA and sold in pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Why the PhallosanForte?

The PHALLOSAN® forte is the market leader for orthopaedic elongation systems with vacuum technique. The extender is efficient and comfortable making it perfect and convenient for use after surgery.

Our Goal

By keeping the penis moderately stretched will allow the penis tissue to regrow bigger, stronger and LONGER. The method of the Phallosan works in a similar way to lifting weights, the penile tissues response to resistance training is the same.

The Result

To see a noticeable result Phallosan recommend a total of 1000 hours use. To us, the gains are just as important as the comfort of the device.


Find Out More

Instruction Guide

Product Description

Suction Ball

Description: PHALLOSAN® forte enables you to increase the pressure in case of a loss in pressure. We have developed a three-way-valve which allows adjustments while the PHALLOSAN is in use.

Advantages: all parts are integrated and an extra pumping ball or tube is not required. Noticeable elevations were integrated on the suction bell to enable you to regulate the pressure blind and without needing to remove the bell (for example at night).

Suction Bell

Suction bell

Description: you can choose from three sizes (S, M, and L) depending on the size of the glans. The basic kit contains the sizes S, M and L.

Advantages: the glans always has enough room to expand and grow, due to the different bell sizes. The bells are made of allergen free material and are unbreakable.

Sleeve Condom

Sleeve condom

Description: the sleeve-condom is made of medical grade silicone. Skin can respond with severe allergies after continued exposure to latex. Hence, silicone is used for the manufacturing which is proven to be non-allergenic.

Advantages: the sleeve-condom is non-allergenic. Depending on the girth of the penis, PHALLOSAN forte can be used in size S, M or L, all of which are included in the basic kit. The sleeve condom has differing thicknesses. The wall of the bell is constructed thicker especially in the area of increased pressure.

Protector Cap

protector cap

Description: the protector cap serves to protect the glans from too strong of a vacuum. It is made of non-allergenic material and is extremely elastic.

Advantages: the protector cap enables a quick adjustment to the recommended setting.

Tension Clip

Tension clip

Description: the tension clip transfers the power of the orthopedic stretching belt to the suction bell. It is equipped with a calibrated pull system.

Advantages: the traffic light system (green, yellow and red) indicates the recommended setting for the belt and aids in getting you results even faster.

Elastic Belt

elastic belt

Description: the orthopedic stretching belt is made of non-allergenic formaldehyde free material. The foam ring is made of non-allergenic silicone foam.

Advantages: the belt is extremely elastic and can be worn by plus sizes as well. We manufacture extra sizes on demand. The non-allergenic fastening of the belt is designed to follow the body’s movements without loosening.

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