Penis Enlargement Surgery Manchester

We seem to be getting quite a few enquiries from the Manchester area for penis enlargement surgery. Now, we are not reading too much into this statistic, but it does appear that Manchester men are not afraid to seek help if they believe that they have a small penis.

There are very little  choices in terms of clinics offering penis enlargement surgery in Manchester. Of course, there are very few Surgeons offering this surgery at all in the UK.

London is the mecca for penis enlargement surgery with some of Europes most recognisable Surgeons in this field centred around West London, particuarly around Harley Street and its  “medical square mile”.

If you are considering having penis enlargement surgery, and you live in Manchester, be prepared to take some time out to get all of the information and facts that you need. If this means a trip to London to see the Surgeon, then so be it. Remember, this is your penis after all. You cannot get another one so you better be sure that you are getting the best advice possible.

Of all the enquiries that we have had for penis enlargement surgery in Manchester, most men have enquired about having the length and thickness increased at the same time. This is in line with the general trend across the country. It seems that when men take the plunge for this surgery, they feel that they might as well have both length and thickness increased while they are on the operating table.

Of those Manchester men who request a single procedure , penis thickening is the most sought after procedure. This thickening is done by transfering some of your own body fat, usually from your abdomen, into your penis.

So the North West is alive and well when it comes to male cosmetic surgery, including the least talked about male cosmetic surgery procedure of them all, penis enlargement surgery.



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Consultation Locations

    64 Harley Street
    W1G 7HB
    Welbeck Hospital
    W1G 8EN
  • ESSEX Clinic
    RM14 2UE
    The Tower Clinic
    LS16 7AP

Consultation Locations Cont…

    Edgbaston Medical Practice
    B15 1PL
    St John Street,
    M3 4DR
    Parkhead Consultancy
    S11 9PU
    The Osborne Clinic,
    NE2 1JQ
    Mansfield Rd,
    NG5 2EF