Nose Reshaping F.A.Q

Q. I have a very large nose. I shy away when having my photo took , and never will I  allow it to be taken in profile. Could a rhinoplasty help me ?

A.  A rhinoplasty aims to reshape the nose and put in proportion with the rest of the face. A nose that is very large or long, can detract from what is otherwise a very attractive face. If you nose is too large for your face , then a rhinoplasty may well help you.

Q How long does the operation take, can it be done under local anaesthetic ?

A. The operation is usually done under a general anaesthetic and you are usually in hospital for one night afterwards. In some cases where only the very tip of the nose needs reshaping, it maybe possible to carry this out under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation. In terms of the length of the operation, this depends somewhat on the complexity of the surgery. It is perhaps fair to say that the majority of nose reshaping procedures are performed within a period of two hours.

Q. How much time will I need off work ?

A. Allow ten to fourteen days off work after a rhinoplasty. Remember that you are going to have bruising and swelling around the eyes for the first week to two weeks. This is normal after a rhinoplasty. Furthermore, you ill normally have a splint across the nose for the first week or so. Give yourself a little time to rest and plan the operation with sufficient time off afterwards

Q. Will there be a scar afterwards ?

A. The amazing things about the rhinoplasty procedure is that all the work is done from within the nose itself. thus avoiding any visible scars. If your nostrils need reducing then there maybe a very tiny incision around the nostril area.

Q. How soon can I drive after a rhinoplasty ?

A. You will not be able to drive whilst you have a splint on your nose and you have bruising and swelling around the eye area. You should plan not to drive for around two weeks., After around ten days you may find that the bruising and swelling starts to settle down quite quickly.

Q. I have a very bulbous nose , according to my Doctor. He says that a rhinoplasty tip reduction might help. What do you think ?

A. This is a very common complaint. The nose maybe straight, but the tip is too broad. A rhinoplasty tip reduction procedure can sometimes be done under local anaesthetic as a daycase. Check with your Plastic Surgeon about this.
The bulbous tip can be reduced to make it in proportion with the rest of the nose. This procedure takes around 45 minutes. Generally speaking the bruising and swelling is less than in a full rhinoplasty, but of course everyone is different.

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