Natrelle Breast Implants

Natrelle breast implants

Whats Different about Natrelle ? well here are 13 key points !

Natrelle breast implants are sometimes described as the Rolls Royce of breast implants. They are more expensive than standard round silicone implants but there are reasons why.

Be sure to hold both a Natrelle® silicone gel (left)and saline implant (right) in your hands before making your choice. There is a measurable difference in the feel you achieve with each of these choices.

  1. There are over 500 styles in the Natrelle Breast implants range. Whilst this is a feature, it may sound a little daunting to have to pick from 500 styles. Dont worry, your Plastic Surgeons will have a unique selection system for these particular implants.
  2. Natrelle Implants come with a unique lifetime guarantee against rupture of the implant.
  3. Natrelle implants have an ” anatomical” breast implant option for a contoured , shaped result. These implants are shaped like a breast.
  4. There are four gel types to choose from and a smooth or textured implant.
  5. The Plastic Surgeon uses a special analysis system to help him select the right implant for you
  6. A wide choice of implants means you can get exactly the right implant for the look that you want.
  7. A unique biocell texture means lower capsular contracture rates.
  8. stable gel means lasting and predictable breast shape.
  9. The implants are made in a totally sterile environment
  10. They are more expensive than traditional implants due to the extensive range available and the unique lifetime guarantee.
  11. Take advantage of up to £ 700 contribution to hospital costs in the event of a re-operation
  12. Free upgrade to bigger implants if required for revision surgery in the event of rupture
  13. Free breast implants for the opposite side/breast if deemed appropriate by your Surgeon

So there are thirteen good reasons to choose Natrelle. Of course, nothing can be decided until you have had a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon. Natrelle are only one implant option available to you and your Plastic Surgeon will be able to discuss the right choices with you.

Natrelle breast implants do offer extra peace of mind and a high quality breast implant from a leading brand , Allergan.

Silicone or Saline-natrelle implants

For more information about Natrelle implants arrange your free consultation today. We have consultations available with Plastic Surgeons for natrelle breast implants now. Call us on 03300 244 858 or complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you to arrange your free consultation with a Plastic Surgeon directly.

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