More women are choosing hair transplants

There was a time when hair transplants were almost exclusively a male dominated cosmetic surgery procedure.

hair transplant for women

hair transplant for women

Things may be changing as more women choose a hair transplant as a way of restoring their crowning glory.

In the world of hair transplants things have moved on a lot it seems. Gone are the days when you could spot a hair transplant on the other side of the street. To be precise it was the tell tale hair line that looked like a row of crops growing in clumps that gave the secret away. In the seventies these types of hair transplant, often called “plug grafts “, were considered state of the art. How things have changed.

Today the principle of a hair transplant remains the same, but its perhaps the cosmetic result that has engaged a new generation of hair transplant buyers, namely women.

The big breakthrough is the way the donor hair , that’s the hair taken from the back of the head, is prepared before transplanting it into the balding area.  The donor grafts are dissected under microscope and placed in carefully made tiny cuts in the balding area. Because these donor grafts are so tiny they can be packed quite close together. The result is that the hair appears to be coming out of the scalp singularly rather in unnatural looking clumps.

It is this leapfrog in a better appearance that has got women choosing a hair transplant as a realistic option to restore lost hair.

Women can lose their hair in the same way as men do. Arguably it is even more devastating for a woman to suddenly realise that she is going bald. There are medications that can be taken to help stem the tide of loss, but a hair transplant remains the only credible procedure for restoring lost hair.

It is notable that celebrities are now openly admitting to a hair transplant and the impressive results on show have no doubt inspired others to follow suit. To be honest, it is still male celebrities that are leading this publicity charge, but surely it cannot be too long before a female celebrity reveals the results of a great hair transplant.

I hope that day will come soon because the likes of Wayne Rooney has helped thousands of men to take the step and do something positive about their hair loss.

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