Glans Enhancement

Many Men Worry that the Glans of their Penis is too small.

Glans enhancement

The glans is the head of the penis which is visible when the foreskin of the penis is retracted, or in circumcised men.


Many men are worried that the glans is too small, especially in comparison with the shaft of the penis. They are concerned that they will not be able to satisfy their partner sexually as a result of the size.

At Moorgate Aesthetics we offer hyaluronic acid injections  to thicken the glans and increase its size.

Generally, three or four syringes are required to give a good result, although more syringes can be injected depending on the desired result. Prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic spray is used to numb the glans and make the injections more comfortable.



 Watch out our video for More information on Glans Enlargement.

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After your first Non-Surgical treatment, you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty programme , saving you money  on your subsequent treatments.

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When you are ready to book more treatments simply show your loyalty card and you will be guaranteed savings. There will always be special promotions available to loyalty club members. Just ask for the latest promotions  when you book , and look forward to getting the very best value from your treatment.

Terms. Only one loyalty card per patient allowed. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers that maybe available from time to time. The company reserve the right to withdraw the loyalty programme at any time

It takes only twenty minutes or so to complete the treatment – After the treatment you can go home straight away. It is normally advised to avoid sexual activity involving the penis for 48 hours after treatment. Over time, you will notice the glans reduce in size. This is because your body will eventually break down the hyaluronic acid. Depending how quickly or otherwise your body does this, you will need a top up treatment somewhere between three and twelve months.

Most of our Patients have a top up treatment once or twice a year. Of course, when you return you may not need the same number of syringes as the first time, because you will probably still have some dermal filler still present in the glans. This treatment can be done in conjunction with thickening treatment to the shaft of the penis. This is also performed with hyaluronic acid injections. Many men like dermal filler treatments to thicken the penis because it does not involve any real down time when compared to surgical options to thicken the penis. Another potential benefit of enhancing the glans is that the hyaluronic acid treatment may desensitize the penis slightly. This can help delay ejaculation which is helpful for those suffering from premature ejaculation and it could make sexual intercourse last longer for others too.

At Moorgate Aesthetics we offer free consultations for penis send glans thickening without any obligation. Call us today or email us to arrange your free consultations. We have consultation centres throughout the UK.

Glans Enhancment

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