Matthew Kent’s Story

Matthew Kent – Webster is a young man who approached Moorgate Aesthetics back in December 2014 with issues of sagging skin due to a dramatic weight loss. This page is dedicated to Matthew Kent’s Story and maybe of help for other people in a similar situation. Read his sincere story below with images and a short video on the final consultation before his surgery with Dr Jallali.



Hi Amanda & David,

My sincerest apologies this has taken so long to reach you, I really do wish to convey my utmost gratitude in all your continuing support in aiding me through this final chapter of my body transformation. In doing so I give my wholehearted consent for any video, photos or any of the below to be used so to aid people in a similar situation as myself in their decision-making. Because of your services, I am finally where I want to be and have the confidence I thought I would never have.

As you are both well aware I used to be a very large gentleman weighing in excess of 20 stone which troubled my throughout my teens. Having started to take responsibility for my weight at the age of 19 it has been a long hard slog to get down to the mere 12 stone I happily weigh today. Several years ago having lost a lot of weight, I was hanging at around the 14-15 stone mark still discontent with my appearance but happy that I had come a fair way.

At that time I started to explore the options of getting the abdominoplasty and chest reduction done as I could see there was an amount of skin sagging. I knew I hadn’t reached my goal weight so continued with my diet and exercise regime until finally consulting with you both late last year. Since starting to lose weight I had been forced to wear skin-tight vests beneath my clothes to conceal the skin sagging around my stomach and breasts, being in a customer facing sales driven role I couldn’t be seen to have a lack of confidence which always wore on me. 

You were always efficient, attentive and went the extra mile from start to finish in all of my dealings with you. I describe the 13TH December last year as my ‘rebirth’ cause finally after such a long-term struggle with weight it dawned on me; I didn’t have to wear a skin-tight vest any more, I could just be happy within myself and feel comfortable in the skin I am now in cause of the operation!!

Now that we are several months down the line I must say I am so happy with Dr Jallali’s work! There is minimal scarring and I face every day without having the thought in the back of my head that everyone is looking at me. Since the op I have even been, ON MY FIRST EVER, beach holiday with a group of old friends from high school.

Once again I wish to thank you for the hard work and professionalism throughout.


Matthew Kent – Webster

Watch the Video of Matthew Having a final consultation with Dr Jallali before the operation


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