Make quality a priority when seeking cosmetic treatment

Make quality a priority when seeking cosmetic treatment


The non surgical treatment market is very competitive. In this economic climate the customer is certainly king. She can certainly discuss prices with her clinic and expect to get a really competitive price for whatever treatment she is looking for.
Prices have fallen quite significantly across the surgical and non surgical treatment markets. As Patients tighten their belts there is less to go round the cosmetic surgery and treatment centres.
This inevitably leads to price cutting, which is great for the Patient, but it does come with some warnings.
Steven Morley a Consultant Surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary has reported that he has seen an increase in corrrective surgical operations at the hospital after initial cut price operations had gone wrong.
This is a warning to anyone who just has a focus on the price.
The objective must be to seek out a competitive price for your treatment but not at the expense of everything else.
Before considering any cosmetic treatment, surgical or non surgical, you must do your homework on the clinic.
Here are some key questions to be asking, not an exhaustive list, but they are a good starting point.
How long have you been doing this surgery/treatment ?
Does the fee include aftercare free of charge , or will there be a cost if I need further treatment ?
What back up is there out of hours if I need to speak to someone ?
Where will my treatment be carried out ?
Are there any hidden fees ?
How can I check your qualifications and experience ?
Do you have other clients that I can speak to ?
How many treatments of a similar nature have you performed ?
Are you registered with the UK medical authorities ?

By all means seek out a good price, but check out the clinic first and ensure that you are dealing with a properly qualified professional.

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