Linx(tm) Acid Reflux

A new treatment for Acid Reflux has arrived

Linx ™ acid reflux system is a new way of treating acid refux. If your acid suppression treatment is not working, the Linx(tm) therapy could be the answer to successful treatment and a more comfortable lifetyle.

What is the Linx system ?

The body has a natural acid reflux preventer, this is our oesophogeal sphincter. The Linx works by increasing the size of this natural reflux preventer. The linx device is a ring of miniture beads which is placed around the lower oesophagus.This ring helps to keep your Oesophogeal sphincter closed until such time as it needs to open to allow you to swallow.

How is it performed ?

Your linx device would be placed under general anaesthetic. This means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure and you will feel nothing. The technique used in the operation is laparascopic surgery. The acutal procedure itself will take around 45 minutes to one hour. The good news is that the benefits of the device will be felt immediately after the procedure, you wont have to wait to feel the benefit. Usually you can go home on the same day as the surgery, in some cases an overnight stay maybe required. Your bariatric Surgeon will be able to advise you as to the length of stay required in hospital.

How can I know if I am suitable ?

Essentially you need a consultation with a Bariatric Surgeon to assess your suitability for the new linx procedure. However as a general guide if you can answer “yes” to the following questions, then you may be a suitable Patient for this technique.

  1. Are you taking medication for reflux and finding that you still have symptoms ?
  2. Is this gastric reflux getting you down and causing problems in your everyday life ?
  3. Have you undergone tests for your gastric reflux such as colonoscopy or endoscopy ?
  4. Has your Doctor or hospital Specialist given you a diagnosis of chronic gastric reflux disease ?

If this sounds like you then you may benefit from this procedure. However nothing can substitute a consultation with a properly qualified Specialist.

Our Bariatric Surgeons provide free consultations for this procedure. This is your opportunity to find out if Linx ™ could benefit you and improve your quality of life. We know how distressing gastric reflux can be in your everyday life. Now there is another answer when medication just isnt enough.

In clinical trials the linx procedure has been very successful with 86 % of those in the trial now not needing to take any medication

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Consultation Locations

    64 Harley Street
    W1G 7HB
    Welbeck Hospital
    W1G 8EN
  • ESSEX Clinic
    RM14 2UE
    The Tower Clinic
    LS16 7AP

Consultation Locations Cont…

    Edgbaston Medical Practice
    B15 1PL
    St John Street,
    M3 4DR
    Parkhead Consultancy
    S11 9PU
    The Osborne Clinic,
    NE2 1JQ
    Mansfield Rd,
    NG5 2EF