Laser Vision surgery in London

Glasses have become a fashion accessory in recent years, however there are still people out there that cannot stand the thought of wearing glasses. It is incredible how fickle fashion can be sometimes. The ” geeky” look with big glasses were very fashionable, and maybe they still are , however to many glasses are just not an option.

Laser eye surgery is gaining in popularity. It is now estimated that over 30 million people worldwide have had laser eye surgery. Perhaps the numbers are increasing because the public are gaining much more confidence in laser eye surgery.

This is perhaps especially true in London. Laser eye surgery in London is available through world famous institutions such as the Moorfields eye Hospital. This hospital has a tremendous reputation for the treatment of all eye conditions. This alone inspires people to take the step towards better sight without glasses.

Many people head to London for laser eye correction, because it is perceived that the best treatment is in the capital. This may or may not be true but hospitals like the Moorfields eye hospital are sure to attract those that are the slightest bit doubting about having it done.

The other alternative to laser eye correction of course are contact lenses. However, many people cannot seem to wear them for any reasonable length of time especially those with high degrees of astigmatism. They can feel like pieces of grit in the eye to some, especially if they have been worn for several hours.

The two best known laser eye surgery procedures are performed using the latest ” waveform” technology. Lasik and lasek surgery procedures now give precision results and a choice for both the Consultant and the Patient in terms of getting just the right procedure for the condition of the eyes.

For those who are fed up of glasses and who want to improve their eyesight, laser vision correction in London could be an alternative worth considering

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