Labia Reduction Surgery

Labia Reduction Surgery UK

Labia reduction surgery has many benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking for a professional clinic to take care of your requirements, we can help you!

  • We’ve got a strong track record of results with labia reduction patients
  • Our surgery is tailored to your specific requirements
  • We only operate after a consultation with you, to ascertain your needs
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Talk to us right away about labia reduction surgery and how we can help you. Please call us now on: 03300 244 858 or simply fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you!

The Consultation

If you are considering labia reduction surgery then you should arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon. At Moorgate Aesthetics we have female plastic surgeons for this procedure. This gives many women the confidence to seek information about the surgery, and to see how it can benefit them.

Labia Reduction Surgery Requires A Consultation

A consultation with our woman plastic surgeon will give you all of the information you need.

Naturally, an examination will be required at which you can make it clear to the doctor exactly what you are hoping to achieve from the surgery. Your consultation will also include the doctor taking a full medical history to ensure that you are well enough for the surgery. A consultation for labia reduction surgery usually lasts around half an hour.

The Surgery

Labia reduction surgery is sometimes called a labiaplasty or labia minora reduction. Essentially the surgeon will be making changes to the skin that surrounds the vulva. You will have discussed your desired outcomes for the procedure with the surgeon, and these will have been taken into account in the surgical plan. A personal surgical plan will have been designed for you as the shape, colour and size of the labia can vary enormously between women.

Usually a general anaesthetic is administered for the surgery. This means that you will be asleep throughout the procedure and you will not feel any pain. In some cases it can be performed under deep sedation, or even local anaesthesia. This will be discussed with you during the consultation stage.

The incisions are very carefully considered to ensure maximum comfort after the operation. The sutures used are dissolvable too, meaning you don’t have to feel embarrassed about having the sutures removed at a later date.

Our surgeons will carefully trims the excess tissue, to give the vagina a more attractive appearance. If you have experienced discomfort because of your protruding labia, this will also be greatly improved in most cases.

After The Operation

Depending on the anaesthetic used and your immediate progress after the surgery, you may be allowed home later the same day. If not, an overnight stay will be required.

You should expect to feel a little sore and you may experience some swelling after surgery. This is perfectly normal, and you will be advised to keep the area as clean as possible in the first days after surgery. The surgeon usually advises a daily bath or shower following the procedure. It is wise to arrange a few days off work to recover.

You will also be advised to avoid vaginal intercourse for one month after surgery, to give the area sufficient time to heal. The surgeon will want to see you periodically afterwards to check your progress.

To arrange a consultation with one of our labia reduction specialists, please contact us today on 03300 244 858 – or email us at and we will be glad to assist you!

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Consultation Locations

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