Hymenoplasty: The Surgical Answer To Virginity Restoration

If history has taught us anything, it’s that matters pertaining to sex can be complicated. For many societies, an intact hymen was and is considered as the ultimate proof of virginity.

Hymenoplasty Answer To Virginity Restoration

Hymenoplasty Answer To Virginity Restoration

This is despite the fact that a broken hymen can be caused by a number of other reasons that aren’t related to sex including horseback riding, use of tampons and gymnastics. Moreover not every woman is born with a hymen in the first place.

Thankfully, a surgical procedure known as hymenoplasty is now helping women restore their hymen, thus their virginity. The procedure basically involves repairing a broken hymen to its initial state, or insert one if it wasn’t there to begin with. Many women think that once they have had sexual relations, that’s it for them. So why would one consider a hymenoplasty? Are there any benefits?

Virginity restoration

In many religious and cultural circles, a lot of importance is put on virginity till marriage. But despite these beliefs, there is still a large secular community that doesn’t share the same values. Problems can however arise in communities that determine virginity through intactness of the hymen. Lack of one can result in a social disaster. Hymenoplasty allows women to have best of both worlds. Just because she’s had previous sex partners doesn’t mean she has to be ostracized for it.

Make the first night special

Everyone wants the first night after getting married to be extra special. For most couples, an intact hymen heightens their sexual experience. It’s a symbol of the beginning of many beginnings. And the truth is, the emotional impact that this first night can have shouldn’t be underestimated. On that note, a hymenoplasty is a great option especially for couples walking down the aisle for the first time. Couples who want to make their anniversaries special can also benefit from this procedure.

Sense of personal ownership

This will accrue to women who have a vested interest in regaining a sense of ownership over their bodies. Whether they were assaulted, just getting out of bad relationships or wanting to share a special experience with new partners, an intact hymen represents a clean slate.

When it comes to hymen restoration, you can opt for one of the following alternatives; basic stitching of broken hymen, creating a new hymen from the vaginal lining or creating a bloodless membrane with or without artificial blood.

Hymenoplasty surgery helps to restore the hymen to the original state and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t leave a visible scar.

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