Hymenoplasty in Britain

It is perhaps not surprising that with a modern multi cultural Britain, we are seeing a sharp rise in demand for hymenoplasty surgery.

Hymenoplasty in Britain

Hymenoplasty in Britain

A hymenoplasty is a short surgical procedure to repair a torn hymen. It is intended to make the actual wedding night of the bride a stress free experience which otherwise it would most certainly be if the groom found out his new bride was not a virgin.

We see many girls who tell us that if the groom had even an idea his bride was not a virgin it could and probably would jeopardise the marriage and bring shame on the family.

What is heartbreaking to see is that for most of these girls it has been one or two sexual encounters at most that have turned their lives upside down. Many have been celibate for some years and look back on their single sexual encounter with deep regret. But they cannot turn back the clock and something has to be done.

Hymenoplaties are done in the utmost secrecy. All Plastic surgery procedures demand confidentiality from the Surgeon of course, but the planning of a hymenoplasty takes things to another level.

In most cases no documents can be sent to the girl through the post for fear of being found out. Even phone calls and texts are carefully planned to avoid a disaster.

The operation is usually scheduled a few weeks before a wedding. Between the surgery and the wedding Surgeons recommend not inserting anything whatsoever into the vagina to avoid tearing the hymen again. One Plastic Surgeon said “ think of your hymen as tissue paper and treat it as such until your wedding night”

Of course there is no denying that these new marriages are starting out on a lie, but what is the alternative ?. Some women fear for their safety if they are found out. They feel that they have no choice.

Of course, if the marriage finds its way in the future and the couple live out a fulfilling life together then the hymenoplasty may be considered by many to be worth it. One thing is for sure and that is many women in the United Kingdom today will continue to choose hymenoplasty to bring back a veil of virginity …for the sake of their future.

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