Hymenoplasty enquiries increasing

Hymenoplasty enquiries increasing


Hymenoplasty is a contoversial procedure , but one which is performed far more iften in the UK than one might realise. Naturally, the procedure is surrounded in secrecy, and some take the view that it is not telling the truth, and deliberatley witholding it, from a prospective husband.
It is easy to be judgemental, but what is true is that women who seek to have this procedure done and very concerned and even frightened of the conseqences of being discovered of being anythng other than a Virgin on their wedding night.
The procedure itsself is quite straighforward and is normally performed on an out Patient basis.It is usually done by a Plastic Surgeon or Gynaecologist.
We often get requests from Patients wanting a female gynaecologist and treatment well away from the family home.
Confidentiality is the cornerstone of medicine and Patient care in this country. For Hymenoplasty this is particularly true

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