How to choose a Plastic Surgeon

How to choose a Plastic Surgeon


We are often asked about the right way to locate a good Plastic Surgeon. In the United Kingdom this is not always an easy task. There are many Surgeons carrying out cosmetic surgery who are not on the General Medical Council Specialist register. This does not mean to say that they are bad Surgeons of course, but you really need to do your homework before taking the plunge.
So where do you start ?

The General Medical Council website is a not a bad starting place. Here you can enter a Surgeons details and the GMC will tell you straight away about the current registration status of the Surgeon and their registration.
This should provide you with some reassurance as a starting point. The website address to check your Surgeon out is

If your Plastic Surgeon is not on the Specialist register then you may need to do some more investigating to ensure that you are going to be operated on by a Surgeon with the appropriate training and experience.

If your Plastic Surgeon is on the General Medical Council Specialist Register then you are off to a good start. Make a note of the date that the Surgeon was first registered, this may give you a first clue to his experience. If he has only just registered it maybe that he is relatively inexperienced, or perhaps new to the United Kingdom.

Of course you are going to need a consultation. I see little point in attending a clinic for a consultation if you cannot see the Surgeon, what is the point ?
Only the Plastic Surgeon can give you appropriate advice on what is in your best interests. Dont be fobbed off in seeing someone who is not medically qualified, its a waste of a journey and you are going to have to make a second one before you in a position to decide.

Take a list of questions with you. You will forget one or two of them, thats for sure.If you have a list then you are more likely to get all of your questions answered. I would advise booking up to three consultations bfore making a desicion. This is because you need a broad opinion before making up your mind. Not all Plastic Surgeons see things the same way.

Ask the Surgeon about his experience. How many of your procedure has he performed ? ( always an important one to ask ). Remember that not ALL Plastic Surgeons are good at ALL procedures. Some maybe expecially good at breast surgery, but perhaps not facial surgery for example. Ask to speak to previous Patients if possible.

Is the Surgeon a Consultant on the National Health Service. Try and find out a bit about his background. Those with Consultant status on the National Health Service will have had a formal training and will have been assessed by a formal body for such a post. Again this should give you that bit of extra comfort.

If you are seeing your Plastic Surgeon privately, it is likely that you will have a more personal follow up care programme than one from a company. In private practice Plastic Surgeons tend to see their own Patients at follow up, whereas in larger companies this is not always the case. You may be seen by a colleague of the Surgeon or Nurses.

If you are looking for a private Patient service then expect to pay slightly more for your surgery in some cases. You have to decide if this dedicated follow up care is worth the little extra to pay. If you are only focussed on price then you may have to adjust your expectations a little.

Try to find out where the Plastic Surgeon operates. Make sure that the facility where you are going to have your Surgery is a good private hospital with a good reputation.

Most cosmetic Surgery consultations take between half and hour and an hour. If you feel that you are being rushed by the Surgeon then you probabely are. If you leave with questions not answered then thats not a good basis to make a desicion. A packed waiting room is does not always mean that the Surgeon is in high demand.

Never foget your gut feeling. You must have confidence in your Plastic Surgeon. If it doesnt feel right , then look elsewhere.

A little bit of research can save a lot of misery and poor surgical results down the line.

Take your time when choosing your Plastic Surgeon

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