How to avoid Premature ageing of your skin

How to avoid Premature ageing of your skin


The Skin
There is no doubt that there are some critical factors in skin ageing and for some, there is a lot that we can do about it.
So what are they ?

1. Cigarette Smoking
Yes, we know all too well about the serious health risks of smoking, but it can play havoc with your skin at the same time. In fact, you dont have to smoke yourself to suffer from the affects of smoking. If you are subjected to cigarette smoker, from a partner for example, this can have bad consequenses for your skin.
Smoking depreives the bosy of vitamin C , an essential component in skin health. Also, the effect of ” pukering up” also causes wrinkles , espcially on so called ” smokers lines” on the upper lip.

2. Over exposure to the skin
Another one that might not come as a surprise. We see many clients in Moorgate Aesthetics who come in for dermal fillers to remove the evidence of skin damage due to over exposure to the sun.
Experts strongly suggest that use a sun protection cream with at least an SPF protection of 15. You should also avoid exposure to the sun at mid-day when the sun is at its most lethal. This is especially true in hot countries.
Sun damage is clearly evident in those with heavily wrinkled , leathery skin. It also encourages sagging of the skin in areas such as the neck and jowels.

3. Not taking enough excercise.
Excerise is great for the skin. It encourages blood flow carrying much needed nutrients to the dermis. Feeling healthy and fit gives a glow to your skin and can give you a youthful , fresh look.

4. Too much Alchohol, too little sleep !
If you enjoy more than just a social glass or two , it could be having a negative effect on your skin. Over indulgence on a regular basis can leave your skin looking dull, pale and lifeless. In worst cases it can cause damage to the skin causing a flushed look , seen often in alcholics. If too much drink means you are not sleeping enough, then this could be compounding the problem. Are you suffering from those dark circles under the eyes , or are you a pale shadow of your former self |?.
5. Stress
In todays fast paced society, it is almost impossible not be exposed to some stress. However a highly stressful lifestyle can show in the condition of your skin. If you are frowing a lot under the strain you may notice those frown lines stay around, even after the frowing has stopped.

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