How long does a cosmetic surgery consultation last ?

Have you ever had a cosmetic surgery consultation ?
If so, did you feel rushed ?, or did it seem to go on forever ?

The length of a cosmetic surgery consultation depends on many factors, these include,

– The type of procedure that you are interested in
– The type of procedure you are loking for
– How many questions you have
– How busy the Surgeon is
– If you are suitable or not 9 If not, they tend ot be very short )

Typically, a consultation will last half an hour to one hour. This is usually plenty of time to cover most procedures and for everyone to understand whats going to be done..

If your consultation lasts a mere ten minutes ( and we hear stories of some that do in the industry ) you have to ask yourslef if that is really long enough to get all the answers that you need.

If your consultation goes on forever, that can be just as bad. You will probably not remember everything that was said and unless you scribble lots of notes, you might need a second consultation.

The last point,” How busy the Surgeons is “, is perhaps a bit tongue in cheek, but there is an element of truth in this. If your Plastic Surgeon has to rush you because he has a waiting room full of Patients, then again ask yourself if you are in the right place.

The perfect cosmetic surgery consultation is the one where the consultation flows and there is good open dialogue between you and the Plastic Surgeon. When this happens you will get a good consultation and all the information that you need.

One last point, remember to take a note pad in with you and write down all the questions that you want to ask. Dont rely on getting everything in order in your head, you will forget some questions and you dont want those to be your most important ones.

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