Has Michael Douglas had a facelift ?

Michael Douglas, Hollywood A lister is looking good these days.

He has been pictured with wounds around his ears, a usual tell take sign that a facelift has been performed.

Despite this, those close to Michael Douglas say that the wounds were due to treatment for his cancer.

We never know if Michael Douglas has really had a facelift, however what is certain is that more and more men are prepared to go under the knife to improve their looks. We think that is Michael Douglas did admit to having a nip and tuck it would not do any harm to the hoards of men looking to hold back the years in similar fashion.

These days men are turning to the Cosmetic Surgeon in an effort to hold on to the top jobs. They are afraid that while the country is in recession they cannot afford to be considered ” over the hill”. Number one treatment to help this cause must be botox. Men can have this treatment without anyone knowing , yet it does not require the same downtime that a traditional facelift needs.

At the end of the day, if guys can look as good as Michael Douglas at his age, we wont be complaining however we got there !!

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