Celebrity Hair Transplants



Celebrities are no strangers to hair transplants.

Many male celebrities undergo hair transplants to retain a fuller head of hair. Celebrity FUE Hair Transplants are becoming popular with celebrities and among the general public. These effective mini FUE sessions offer a convenient solution for those who wish to have an undetectable hair transplant. This unique method is trending in the field of hair restoration and has helped serve the needs of many more patients since its inception.

Have a read of the many articles from the national & international press about celebrities and the general buzz around this fantastic procedure that’s changing the lives of many men and women around the world

Or if you want a more public view of Hair Transplant surgery, there is a great forum online called ‘hairlosstalk’ where you can chat with other people from around the world about tips and advice.

Or Check out this video where Hollywood Celebrity Brad Dourif talks about his Los Angeles Hair Restoration and how its changed his life and career



Celebrities Who have admitted to having Hair Transplant Surgery

John_Cleese_hair transplant

John Cleese

John Cleese: Known for his work in Monty Python and on the show Fawlty Towers, John Cleese admits that he’s had a hair transplant. His reasoning was clear: “I’ve got a very strange shaped skull, very pointy, and I don’t like wearing wigs.”




Elton_John_hair transplant

Elton John

Sir Elton John: Elton John’s kept relatively quiet on the topic of his hair transplant. Elton John checked into a hospital to seek rehabilitation services for his alcoholism, bulimia, and drug use. As he recovered, he lost weight and opted to undergo a hair replacement procedure.




aj_mclean_hair transplant

AJ Mclean

A.J. McLean: The Backstreet Boys member opted for a hair transplant at the age of 35. With the majority of his baldness showing clearly on his forehead and reaching his crown, the results following his hair transplant are amazing. He posted pictures of before and after on Instagram for everyone to see.




Dennis_Miller hair transplant

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller: The actor, talk show host, and political commentator admitted that he underwent a transplant of 2,500 grafts.






James_Nesbitt hair transplant

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt: Irish actor James Nesbitt, star of the television show ‘Jekyll’ and actor in ‘The Hobbit’, was quoted as saying, “I have had two hair transplants… I’d go as far as to say they’ve changed my life.”





Gordon_Ramsay hair transplant

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay underwent a hair transplant to prevent his thinning hair from becoming apparent on his many television shows. His hair transplant procedure reportedly took 12 hours and cost him approximately $46,000.




Kenny Rogers hair transplant

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers: The country music legend admitted to CMT that he’s had a “couple of hair transplants.” The goal for Mr. Rogers is to keep a level of thickness.





Wayne_Rooney hair transport

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney: Star player for a U.K. football league, 25-year-old Wayne Rooney earned plenty of press when he underwent a hair transplant in 2011. He recently appeared at Wimbledon after undergoing a second transplant. His reasoning was made clear on a Tweet: “I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result.”




Louis Walsh-hair transplant

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh: Judge on The X Factor and manager of a number of singers and groups, Louis Walsh underwent a hair transplant after a bald spot was pointed out by Simon Cowell. He had hair transplanted from the back of his head to his receding hairline.

Peter Waterfield: The British Olympic diver underwent a hair transplant of 4,200 hairs to reduce his receding hairline. He’d been shaving his head, but he admitted he was tired of people thinking he was a “thug.”

Shaun Williamson: Former star of Eastenders and current theater actor, Shaun Williamson admitted in 2005 that he underwent hair transplant surgery. He even made a documentary, titled Wish You Were Hair, about the procedure for Discovery Home and Health.

Brendan_Fraser_hair transplant

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser: Hollywood actor hasn’t officially come out of the hair transplant closet, but over the years his balding head is no longer visible






Robbie_Williams hair transplant

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams: has had a hair transplant, ‘I’ve had a thatch done,’ he revealed, during the live filming of the Graham Norton Show.






Calum_Best hair tranplant

Calum Best

Calum Best: confessed to having a hair transplant. Best had 1,850 hairs transplanted from the side of his scalp to the front of his head in 2012






Phil Tufnell hair transplant

Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell: former cricket star who has made his struggle with hair loss known. He said: “I don’t see the big deal, really. Years ago there was nothing we could do about these things. “If you lost your hair you couldn’t get it back but it’s ­different now.”

Joe Swash: ADMITS TO HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY TO HIDE BALDNESS. Joe Swash had a lot of his hair missing before he decided that he needed to get a hair transplant. And that is where this huge change took place.


these are just a few celebrities who have admitted it, but there are many more who have not declared publicly that they have undergone FUE Hair transplant surgery, but over the years have looked quite suspicious?. Which means only one thing FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY REALLY WORKS!!!!

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