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Hair Transplants Using Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT )

At Moorgate Aesthetics we have a track record of providing high quality hair transplants for our patients.

Here are just a few reasons why you should contact us about the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedures that we offer:

  • Proven to restore hair quickly and effectively
  • Prompt patient recovery time
  • Boost self esteem and your self confidence

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Meet Our Qualified Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr Harris Haseeb

Dr Harris Haseeb

Dr Harris Haseeb has been involved in the art of Hair Restoration Surgery since 1997. In the private and public sector Dr Haseeb is highly regarded in the field of hair restoration surgery. He has considerable experience in both F.U.T and F.U.E procedures which are in high demand by discerning Patients.

Dr Ali, a consultant dermatologist, leads our hair transplant team. Dr Ali and his team perform both the FUE and strip method of hair transplantation, delivering superb results. Consultations for hair transplantation are available across the UK and they are entirely free of charge. 

Take A look Inside Our Hair transplant Clinic

  • State of the art lighting
  • Latest microscopes for dissecting hair transplant grafts
  • Watch TV On our flat screen whilst having your procedure
  • Dedicated hair transplant theatre  
  • Specialist team of surgeons and nurse technicians



Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration technique where a patient’s hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, called follicular units. 

Follicular units also contain sebaceous (oil) glands, nerves, a small muscle, and occasional fine vellus hairs. In Follicular Unit Transplantation, these small units allow the surgeon to safely transplant thousands of grafts in a single session, which maximizes the cosmetic impact of the procedure.

Maximizing Hair Transplant Growth

Hair transplants - 1000 hair grafts to frontal area before & after

Hair transplants – 1000 hair grafts to frontal area before & after

Since the follicular unit is a distinct anatomic and physiologic entity, preserving it intact during the graft dissection is felt to maximize growth. In FUT, after hair is removed from the back of the scalp in a single strip, stereo-microscopic dissection allows the individual follicular units to be removed from this strip without being damaged.

There are four reasons why the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure allows a hair transplant surgeon to transplant large numbers of grafts in each session:

  • The hair restoration can be completed quickly so that the patient has minimal interference with his or her lifestyle
  • A larger number of grafts can compensate for the shedding that frequently accompanies a hair transplant, called telogen effluvium
  • Using large numbers of grafts in each session preserves the donor supply by reducing the number of times incisions are made in the donor area
  • Extracting large numbers of grafts provides sufficient 1- and 2-hair grafts to create a soft frontal hairline and enough 3- and 4- hair grafts to give the patient the fullest possible look.

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Comparisons with follicular unit Extraction (FUE)hair-offer-sml

Follicular Unit Extraction generally has a quicker patient recovery time, and significantly lower post-operative discomfort than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUE provides an alternative to FUT when the scalp is too tight for a strip excision, and enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest finer hair from the nape of the neck to be used at the hairline or for eyebrows.


However, with FUE, the follicles are harvested from a much greater area of the donor zone compared to FUT, estimated to be eight times greater than that of traditional strip excision – so requires patients to have hairs trimmed in a much larger donor area. As a result, the hair in the lower and upper parts of the donor area, where the grafts were taken from, may thin and this can make the donor scars visible. Follicles harvested from borderline areas of the donor region may not be truly “permanent,” so that over time, the transplanted hair may be lost.

FUE Hair transplant procedure

FUE Hair transplant procedure

Maximum follicular unit graft yield is lower than with FUT and may result in greater follicular transection (damage). Due to the scarring and distortion of the donor scalp from FUE, it makes subsequent sessions more difficult – and grafts are more fragile and subject to trauma during placing, since they often lack the protective dermis and fat of microscopically dissected grafts, which ultimately may lead to poor growth. A problem of buried grafts can occur during the blunt phase of the three-step technique, when the graft is pushed into fat and must be removed through a small incision. FUE can also be more expensive and take longer to perform than FUT, so grafts are usually out of the body longer, risking sub-optimal growth.

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*Pictures courtesy of surgeon Gary Horn

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