Fury over NHS Boob job

A report in The Sun newspaper this week sparked outrange acorss the country. One very beautifuly lady had managed to get the Government to pay for her boob job. The Sun was quick to photograph the lucky lady herself, and from a professional persective, they looked good.

The boobs were of a good shape and well proportioned for her figure. However that seemed to be the last thing on the minds of the great British public who , on the whole, were none too pleased to har that tax payers money had been spent this way, espacilly in a recession.

It is possible to get breast enlargement on the National Health service, lets make that very clear from the outset. If a breast has been lost due to illness or accident then I would imagine that most hospitals would oblige and see the benefit to restoring them to their former glory.

The issue becomes much more debatable when the reasons are purely cosmetic. If the breasts are very small then it can have a very distressing effect on a young womans life. The situation can interfere with personal relationships etc. However, I can still hear Jo Public crying shame to hospitals who would replace them for any reason other than an obvious medical one.

In the United Kingdom breast enlargement surgery can be done for as little as £ 2995. Prcies have fallen, mainly due to the recession and argubaly there has never been a better tie to have the surgery than now. There is still the issue of bank lending of course. Many women are still finding banks very unhelpful when it comes to unsecured loans for cosmetic surgery, but the signs suggest that things are slowly improving.

The lady who had her breast enlargeent surgery for free on the NHS should take a heed of warning though. At some stage in her life she is going to need them replacing. Even if not in the near future, most certainly as she gets to kiddle age and children have come along and taken their toll on them

For this lady, she got what she wanted, but when she goes knocking on the NHS door next time to get them changed, will they be as willing as they were to oeprate as the first operation ?

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