Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery

Perhaps more than any other cosmetic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery can make the biggest impression. Procedures such as a facelift can literally take years off a person. In terms of a facelift, Plastic Surgeons comment that it can take anything up to ten years off their Patients when everything has settled down.

However it’s not all about facelifts. In modern cosmetic surgery much can be done to improve facial features. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a facelift either to make a big difference. For example, consider someone for a moment who has a large nose. Prominent from the side and considered too big for the face, this can cause years of misery for a Patient and spoil what is otherwise a very attractive face. A rhinoplasty, to give nose reshaping its proper name, can make incredible changes to the overall appearance fo the face. When imperfections such as bumps on noses, long noses , wide noses, have been corrected , the results can be amazing.

One of the most popular facial surgery procedures is surgery to correct eye bags or hooding of the upper eyelids.
This hooding of the upper lids can actually impede on the sight at its worst, as loose skin droops over the eye at the corners. Lower eye bags , or ” suitcases” as some of our clients refer to them, can be very ageing. A blepharoplasty, to give cosmetic eye surgery its proper name, can ” open up” the eyes again taking away that tired look that people complain about. Many people with eyebags say that they are fed up of family and friends telling them they look tired.
Blepharoplasty is often performed at the same time as a facelift to compliment it. The results can be stunning.

Other facial surgery procedures include ear reshaping, otherwise called an Otoplasty. It is still amazing how so many people go through life with large protruding ears and at some point they say ” enough is enough”. Arguably the national health service should be taking care of this sort of problem , if not as adults, certainly as children. A otoplasty can pull back the ears to a more natural position on the head and all in one simple procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic.

Other less in demand cosmetic surgery procedures for the face include cheek implants and chin implants. When non surgical options to fill out hollow cheeks are not enough, you could consider having specially shaped silicone implants inserted in the cheeks. These are inserted through an incision in the mouth. Similarly for a chin that looks receded from the side, a chin implant can balance the face once again in profile.

Browlifts can also be performed to essentially give  facelift to the forehead. With the use of muscle relaxing injections taking off so much in recent years, they have become less popular, but they are still a consideration in combination with a facelift.

Many choose to opt for facial rejuvenation surgery when their non surgical treatments just don’t seem to cut it completely anymore. Whilst there are non surgical treatments such as sculptra which can fill out hollows in the face as we get older, nothing can make the changes that facial cosmetic surgery can bring.

Choosing your facial Plastic Surgeon needs very careful consideration. Some Plastic surgeons have a special interest in surgery of the face. They find it challenging and very rewarding. You need sound, professional advice before considering any facial surgery. Many of our clients who have non surgical treatments with us eventually plump to have facial cosmetic surgery and then continue with their non surgical treatments afterwards. So we have seen for ourselves what incredible changes are possible in facial cosmetic surgery.

If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery then you need to start with the advice and guidance of a Plastic Surgeon. You should take your time in your research and gather all of the facts that you need before coming to a desicion.

We are happy to arrange consultations for you with local Plastic Surgeons. Our service to you is completely free of charge. So if you are considering taking that first step on the road to a rejuvenated face, contact us today to arrange your consultation by calling 03300 244 858 or complete our contact form and we will be in touch shortly to have a chat.

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