Face Lift F.A.Q

Q, I have lost lots of weight and this has left me with loose skin in my neck area and it has left me also with Jowels. I exercise regularly but it’s having no effect on my face at all.I am thinking of having a facelift. Would it do the trick ?
A. No amount of exercise is likely to remove redundant skin in your neck and jowel area. It does sound as if you could be an ideal candidate for a facelift. I am not sure how old you are from your email, however you should discuss the various face lifting options with your Plastic Surgeon to assess exactly the right procedure to give you the optimum results.

Q. How long does the operation take, is it done under a general anaesthetic ?
A. The operation takes about two to three hours. It is usually performed under general anaesthetic., at least for a full facelift. Nowadays there are a number of techniques that can be used to give mini lifts which are being done under local anaesthetic with or without sedation.

Q. How much time will I need off work ?
A. Allow fourteen days off work, depending on the type of work that you do. For a full facelift you are going to have bruising and swelling which will be worse for the first two to three weeks or so. Again mini lifting procedures will not require quite so much time off work. Procedures such as one stitch facelift may only require you to have a couple of days off at the most.

Q. Will the results last ?
A. Yes, provided that you do not gain or lose weight significantly in the future. Of course as you age the skin on your face ages just as everywhere else. You cannot stop the ageing process. However you should always see the benefit of having your facelift.

Q. I have some fat on the chin area too, can this be removed at the same time ?
A. Yes, the Surgeon can remove this excess fat with a little liposuction to really give the neck area much tighter and streamlined appearance.

Q. Will there be a scar afterwards ?
A. Yes, there will be a scar. The nature of the scar will depend somewhat on the technique adopted to carry out your facelift. In facelift surgery the Plastic Surgeon considers the placement of the scars very carefully.

Q. I drive with my job, how soon can I drive again ?
A. It may be up to three weeks before you can get behind the wheel. Much depends on how quickly the bruising and swelling settle down.

Q. Will everyone know that I have had a facelift ?
A.  The results of a facelift can be quite dramatic and it can have the wow factor. However, most women do not want the ” wind tunnel” look where clearly there has been a facelift surgery performed to the extreme. The goal should be to achieve a natural looking result which rejuvenate the face and restores the lost youth.

Q. What is the ideal age for a facelift ?
A. This is a big question !. Many women are seeking face lifting procedures much younger these days. This must be in part due to the emergence of mini lifting procedures which are attracting the forty somethings. Women who appear for face lifting in their seventies for example must be aware of the limits of surgery where the skin has already lost a great deal of its elasticity. The good news is that there are a number of techniques for lifting redundant skin of the face and you should discuss these with your Plastic Surgeon so that the right procedure for your age and your requirements can be met.

Q. Can I still have me anti wrinkle injections afterwards ?
A. Yes you can. Remember that a facelift will not eliminate all of your facial lines. For example if you are used to getting muscle relaxing injections on your forehead then you will need to keep these going to keep those wrinkles at bay. The same applies if you are used to having lip enhancement injections for example.

Q. I have bags underneath my eyes, should I have these done at the same time as my facelift ?
A. It is very common to have what is known as a blepharoplasty procedure at the same time as a facelift. This can complement your facelift nicely. If you have bags underneath the eyes then these may be even more noticeable when you have had your facelift. Your Plastic Surgeon will sit down with you and review your surgery plan and point out what additional procedures could be performed at the some time to compliment your facelift. Remember also that if you have your eyes done at the same time as the facelift, the cost is likely to be less than if you have the eyes done at a separate time.

Q. Do mini facelift really work ?

A. Mini facelift or so-called ” Lunchtime” facelift are becoming increasingly popular. One has to be realistic in terms of the results. These procedures do give a lift to sagging skin, but one cannot expect the same level of result that a full facelift would provide. Of course, in many cases this is not the general idea anyway. If you just have minimal laxity of skin in the neck area then your Plastic Surgeon may feel that you could get an aesthetically pleasing result from a mini lifting alone. Chat this through with your Plastic Surgeon and get the facts before you decide.

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