Eyebrow Transplants Explained

Amazed with the results of eyebrow transplant

Amazed with the results of eyebrow transplant


Cosmetic procedures come in a number of different forms, and some are better known than others. Currently we are seeing an increase in demand for a treatment that is perhaps not particularly well known, and that treatment is eyebrow transplants. So, in order to let you know exactly what they are, how they work and why people decide to opt for them, we’ve compiled this quick guide below…



What Are Eyebrow Transplants?

They are pretty much as the name suggests: those who are unsatisfied with their eyebrows can take hair from a different part of the body – usually from behind the ears – and then have this surgically transplanted into their eyebrows. This then creates fuller eyebrows, and we are able to tailor the end results to suit your own personal preferences.

Why Do People Have Eyebrow Transplants?

There are many reasons why people have eyebrow transplants UK wide, but they all eventually point to one thing: they want to look better. Many people are self-conscious that their eyebrows are sparse and this can be down to a number of reasons. Perhaps the most common reason is simply due to the effects of aging, however we also see many patients who have over-plucked their eyebrows earlier in their life. While this is an issue that usually affects women, it is important to mention that we also have had a number of male patients undergoing this treatment.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is a reasonably simple one. We will firstly give the patient a sedative – although the procedure is not painful – and then begin to remove hairs from the head, complete with the follicles. We’ll remove as many as needed in order to gain the look you want. Once we have all these hairs, we will then delicately transplant them one by one into the eyebrows, until the perfect result is gained. The whole procedure generally takes around two hours to complete.

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Are Results Permanent?

Absolutely. Once the transplant has been completed, you will continue to have fuller eyebrows forever. Of course, should you decide that you want another change, we will always be on hand to help with that. It should be noted that full results will not be seen for around 12 months after the procedure has been completed.



Is There Any Downtime?

When it comes to your everyday life, there is no need to change your routine at all. This means that you are able to return to work straight away. The only thing that we’d recommend is that you avoid sweating too much – meaning that exercise should be avoided – as the sweat could cause infections. We will, of course, provide you with full aftercare instructions when you leave after the procedure.

Who Will Perform the Procedure?

The procedure will be performed by one of our highly experienced surgeons, who have completed many of these procedures during their careers and know that they can perform the best eyebrow transplants UK citizens can find. They work within state-of-the-art surroundings, and will ensure that your procedure is carried out to the highest possible standards.

If you would like further information on eyebrow transplants please contact us without delay by telephone or by email – we’ll be glad to assist you with your enquiry !

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