Everything You Need to Know About Labia Reduction Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic surgery UK surgeons perform a huge range of different procedures.



You’ll already know about breast augmentation, penis enlargement and rhinoplasties, but there are some procedures that you will have less idea about. One of these less-known procedures is undoubtedly labia reduction surgery – something that we specialise in. This article aims to explain everything you need to know about labia reduction surgery, so you can decide whether it’s the right option for you.

What is Labia Reduction Surgery?

Labia reduction surgery – or, to give it its correct name, a labiaplasty – is the process by which the labia minora are surgically decreased in size. These are the skin flaps to each side of the vaginal opening, and some women feel that they are not happy with the size of this part of their genital area. It should be noted that the labia minora looks different in all women, so there is no “correct” way that it should look on you.

How is Labia Reduction Surgery Performed?

While labia reduction surgery might sound like a scary prospect, it is actually a reasonably easy procedure to carry out – as well as being a procedure that takes just a couple of hours and can be done using just a local anaesthetic. The surgeon will use a scalpel to carefully remove the excess tissue, before then sealing the incisions using stitches. Once the surgeon is happy with the procedure, you will be able to leave the operating room and return home on the same day as the operation.

After the Labia Procedure

We will provide you with full and comprehensive advice after the procedure has finished. This will include abstaining from sex for around 3-4 weeks, as well as taking around a week off work. After the operation it is completely normal to experience some swelling in the area, as well as some discomfort. We will give you advice on how to minimise this discomfort.

We will also insist that you return to us in order for us to ensure that the procedure has gone well and that there are no complications. You will be reviewed by an experienced surgeon, who will be able to allay any worries you have after the procedure.

Are There Any Risks with Labia Reduction?

As with any cosmetic surgery UK surgeons carry out, there is always a risk. This risk is only small though, thanks to the huge experience of our surgical team. It would be completely wrong of us not to say that there is a chance of scarring in exceptional circumstances, plus there can also be a slight loss in sensation, therefore reducing sensation when having sexual intercourse. If you have any concerns about this procedure at any time, you can always call us and speak to one of our team.

To find out more about labia reduction surgery, or to book an appointment with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us today any time on 03300 244 858 or email us enquiries@moorgateaesthetics.com. We offer some of the best cosmetic surgery UK citizens could ask for, so you know you are in safe hands with us!

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